Wish I could live at the beach!!!!!

Wow…great beach weekend.  Gorgeous  perfect LA beach weather, good waves on Saturday not so much on Sunday. Saturday there were a number of men nearby wearing bikinis and a couple in G-strings. The lady next to me was topless all day long, beautiful and natural. Another middle aged beauty decided to drop her top later in the day.  Lots of girls wearing Brazilian style bikinis with much cheek showing, two girls running together on the beach wearing thongs.  Just spectacular views!

Saturday I spent the day in my micro bikini/thong, I call it a thong because my ass just ate it all up and the only time I used it as an extreme Brazilian back bikini was walking down to the water. The minute I was in the water it was back way up my ass. That happens to us big butt boys. Definitely got enough sun on Saturday but still needed to spend the day with friends at the beach on Sunday. Still in my bikini but under an umbrella unless I was in the water. Lots of great looking people today. Noticed a lot of young mom’s showing off some ass. Very nice. Days like today make you never want to leave the beach. 

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2 thoughts on “Wish I could live at the beach!!!!!”

  1. Which beach did u go to? That’s so freakin awesome. That so many guys & women were showing off there ass-ets… 🙂

    Always Between MDR and Venice pier

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