Fluffers, fitting and fun

Funny how I never know for sure what will get people sending me the most e-mails. In the Feb newsletter I asked a number of questions but the one that has filled my e-mail box was about fluffers. I mentioned that we lost our amazing female fluffer who for years made the suits look great on our straight, bi and gay models. She moved and we do miss her. My question was which would you like to see, male, female or change it up when it comes to fluffers. They not only make sure the suits are on the right way but they act as another set of eyes helping us get everything as right as we can. They are also required to help the models fill the suits which is very important when it comes to cock shaped shuits or penis display suits. Often the model needs to be hard and many of these models are not used to exposing their cocks and need to be fluffed up to fill the suits. Most completely enjoy the experience.
Just wondering what you boys and girls think.

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4 thoughts on “Fluffers, fitting and fun”

  1. I think it would be great to have fluffers of both gender on hand, to help the models. Perhaps the male fluffers could even wear the swimwear as they work. Great question!

  2. As a gay man, I find the idea of male flutters quite a turn-on. Some of your existing model photos show a female fluffer – or her hands – handling the models’ hard cocks. If you were to have similar photos with male fluffers maintaining the models’ hard-ons (especially when their dicks are glistening with or oozing precum – why, my own dick has gotten rock hard with copious precum from just writing about it! Keep up the good work.

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