The perfect men’s bikini swimsuit

One might ask what makes the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit and that is not a simple question to answer since the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit is different for different men. Let us start by figuring out what the best bikini is for you since no two men are the same and the look and fit of one suit will not be the same on every body. Before we get going on which suit is best for you let’s talk about what makes a bikini the perfect swimsuit to begin with. One caveat before we go on: I am assuming you have already made the switch from baggy poor fitting swimwear like surf and board shorts over to body flattering shape forming spandex style swimsuits. Whether you are wearing bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Speedos or spandex micro-shorts than we are on the same wavelength. It does not matter what your favorite style swimsuit is when it comes to having a suit that can do everything the bikini is the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit. Reasons why include you can wear a bikini anywhere. Bikinis can be used on any beach, around any hotel pool, at any sort of gathering that involves wearing swimwear and you are good to go. There are times when a thong or G-string shows just a little too much to wear for all occasions. Thongs and G-strings are always my first choice because I love having as much skin showing as possible but there are times when a suit like that is just too over the top. In some cultures, you cannot wear those suits so when on a vacation a bikini should always be packed in your suitcase. Most gyms and health clubs do not allow men or women to wear G-strings or Thong but you can always wear the skimpiest bikinis without a problem. I have not heard of this for some time now since there have been so many changes in swimwear designs for men and women but there are still some beaches in the USA that do not allow people to wear G-strings or Thongs, crazy that this could still be an issue people care about but having a bikini with you takes care of the problem if you are not up to arguing about it.

Maybe you are into beach sports and for most of them the bikini is an ideal swimsuit to wear whether you are playing beach volleyball, going for a beach walk or run, surfing, boogie boarding, body surfing or just doing a workout on the beach wearing a bikini is the perfect amount of coverage and support you need to have fun.

Family gatherings and parties with friends can sometimes be a place that you may not feel completely comfortable wearing something as tiny as a micro thong or G-string that shows just about everything and that is fine, just grab one of your sexy bikinis and feel wonderful still wearing something so amazingly sexy. This is what makes the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit perfect!

Now that the reason why is out of the way let us talk about what the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit for you will be. How much skin would you like to show is number one. If you are like me you want to show as much as is legally possible but you might be more conservative and that is fine too since there are bikinis that offer a range of coverage from full coverage front pouches and full coverage rear with no cheek showing all the way down to micro-pouch style fronts which are incredibly small with up to about sixty % cheek showing, any more than that and you are approaching thong territory. Between these extremes you have bikini styles that will take care of everyone else. A quick note about what some folks refer to as a bikini. There are people that call Speedos and other brief style suits bikinis but they are not real bikinis. Sometimes they are referred to as bikini briefs but they are briefs.

When it comes to choosing the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit for yourself, I would recommend that you choose a suit that pushes your limits of what you are comfortable wearing, that is if you are used to wearing a particular size suit drop to the next size coverage or the one under that so you have room to grow your comfort zone. I have always found that by going with a smaller suit you quickly get used to wearing less and that becomes your new comfort zone. Many of us started wearing spandex swimwear after using surf shorts for years. Do you remember your first spandex swimsuit, maybe like me it was a Speedo and that suit felt so tiny I could not believe it, it took some time to get used to wearing something so small! Funny how time changes things and these days my bikini swimsuits are so small you could probably make three or four out of the material it takes to make a men’s Speedo swimsuit.

There are so many great bikini styles that most of us would find to be our perfect men’s bikini swimsuit, so odds are you are going to end up with at least a few in your swimwear collection. Before I give my suggestions let us go into the different details about designs.

There are many different bikini styles here is what I hope to be a fairly complete list, if I left one of your favorites off make sure to comment of get in touch with me. There are string bikinis, bulge styler bikinis, Brazilian Bikinis, Scrunch butt bikinis, bulge style bikinis, femme style bikinis, high-cut bikinis, low cut bikinis, neoprene bikinis, semi-sheer bikinis, enhancement style bikinis, plug powered bikinis and male form pouch bikinis. For our use here I am going to pass on talking about male form style bikinis since they are not your typical wear anywhere styles. For those not familiar with male form pouches the pouch is shaped like and erect or flaccid penis and though these are lovely designs they might not be the ones to go with when something a little more conservative than a G-string or thong is required.

The most popular men’s bikini swimsuit styles are the micro-bulge style suits with a scrunch butt rear. The bulge on this style suit compresses your equipment into a beautiful tight little package, the compression look is among the most popular styles for bikinis and thongs. Back in the day all the guys wanted their equipment to look as large as possible but the trend has been to make you look smaller and for the many men that are already small it makes you look perfectly sexy. The scrunch butt rear on these suits was adopted from style of bikinis that many women are wearing. These suits highlight the shape of your rear and make the cheeks look scrumptious.

You can see these types of men’s bikini swimsuit styles at the website. The most popular styles are the Male Room, Male Man, Black Diamond and the Delivery Man just to name a few. These designs take form fitting to a new level and offer great looking shapes the mold to your body while still being extremely comfortable to wear. No suffering for fashion here.  

We have been talking about men’s bikini swimsuit styles that you can use for all around wear which is what this post is all about but that does not mean you can’t still get extremely wild with it and the best way to do that is with plug powered designs. These are radical bikini swimwear styles that look absolutely like a sexy bikini from the outside but hidden away these swimsuits have a secret. They offer the option of wearing you suit with a plug inserted inside of you. Swimwear does not get much more exciting and does not get any more stimulating than plug powered suits. There are two different types of plug powered men’s bikini swimsuit designs. There is the standard style that uses a butt plug that is hidden from view so at that next pool party only you will know why there is such a huge smile on your face, that is unless you share the secret. The other style uses a combination butt plug cock ring called an Ass Spark of which there are many styles to choose from. Most of these designs must be used with the Ass Spark of your choice because that is how they are held together. There are some styles that use an Ass Spark as an option. These are some of the most fun bikinis you can wear but I would recommend wearing a Tango Cum Dam to keep from constantly wetting the front of your suit, yes that is how excited you will be while wearing a plug powered bikini.

Femme style mtf transformation men’s bikini swimsuit designs are the fastest growing category of sexy bikini designs for men with too many reasons to go into here but we will touch on some of the reasons why this category of men’s swimwear is so crazy popular now. These are designs you can where anywhere you choose too but keep in mind, they change the shape of the front of the pouch so you no longer look male. You will look completely female down there right up to having a lovely camel toe. We have many people wearing these suits all over. Some are transexuals, some crossdressers, some sissies but a huge number of the people wearing this new style of suit are men that are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. There is nothing like the experience you will get wearing one of these suits as you men’s bikini swimsuit choice and since I am a cheerleader for men to learn about their inner feminine selves, I say go for it.

Some of the most popular designs are the Clever Girl, Spicy Girl, Pussy Warrior Bikini, Finger Me Bikini and the Sissy Lips Bikini. Daring names for amazing men’s bikini swimsuit designs.