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The perfect men’s bikini swimsuit

One might ask what makes the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit and that is not a simple question to answer since the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit is different for different men. Let us start by figuring out what the best bikini is for you since no two men are the same and the look and fit of one suit will not be the same on every body. Before we get going on which suit is best for you let’s talk about what makes a bikini the perfect swimsuit to begin with. One caveat before we go on: I am assuming you have already made the switch from baggy poor fitting swimwear like surf and board shorts over to body flattering shape forming spandex style swimsuits. Whether you are wearing bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Speedos or spandex micro-shorts than we are on the same wavelength. It does not matter what your favorite style swimsuit is when it comes to having a suit that can do everything the bikini is the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit. Reasons why include you can wear a bikini anywhere. Bikinis can be used on any beach, around any hotel pool, at any sort of gathering that involves wearing swimwear and you are good to go. There are times when a thong or G-string shows just a little too much to wear for all occasions. Thongs and G-strings are always my first choice because I love having as much skin showing as possible but there are times when a suit like that is just too over the top. In some cultures, you cannot wear those suits so when on a vacation a bikini should always be packed in your suitcase. Most gyms and health clubs do not allow men or women to wear G-strings or Thong but you can always wear the skimpiest bikinis without a problem. I have not heard of this for some time now since there have been so many changes in swimwear designs for men and women but there are still some beaches in the USA that do not allow people to wear G-strings or Thongs, crazy that this could still be an issue people care about but having a bikini with you takes care of the problem if you are not up to arguing about it.

Maybe you are into beach sports and for most of them the bikini is an ideal swimsuit to wear whether you are playing beach volleyball, going for a beach walk or run, surfing, boogie boarding, body surfing or just doing a workout on the beach wearing a bikini is the perfect amount of coverage and support you need to have fun.

Family gatherings and parties with friends can sometimes be a place that you may not feel completely comfortable wearing something as tiny as a micro thong or G-string that shows just about everything and that is fine, just grab one of your sexy bikinis and feel wonderful still wearing something so amazingly sexy. This is what makes the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit perfect!

Now that the reason why is out of the way let us talk about what the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit for you will be. How much skin would you like to show is number one. If you are like me you want to show as much as is legally possible but you might be more conservative and that is fine too since there are bikinis that offer a range of coverage from full coverage front pouches and full coverage rear with no cheek showing all the way down to micro-pouch style fronts which are incredibly small with up to about sixty % cheek showing, any more than that and you are approaching thong territory. Between these extremes you have bikini styles that will take care of everyone else. A quick note about what some folks refer to as a bikini. There are people that call Speedos and other brief style suits bikinis but they are not real bikinis. Sometimes they are referred to as bikini briefs but they are briefs.

When it comes to choosing the perfect men’s bikini swimsuit for yourself, I would recommend that you choose a suit that pushes your limits of what you are comfortable wearing, that is if you are used to wearing a particular size suit drop to the next size coverage or the one under that so you have room to grow your comfort zone. I have always found that by going with a smaller suit you quickly get used to wearing less and that becomes your new comfort zone. Many of us started wearing spandex swimwear after using surf shorts for years. Do you remember your first spandex swimsuit, maybe like me it was a Speedo and that suit felt so tiny I could not believe it, it took some time to get used to wearing something so small! Funny how time changes things and these days my bikini swimsuits are so small you could probably make three or four out of the material it takes to make a men’s Speedo swimsuit.

There are so many great bikini styles that most of us would find to be our perfect men’s bikini swimsuit, so odds are you are going to end up with at least a few in your swimwear collection. Before I give my suggestions let us go into the different details about designs.

There are many different bikini styles here is what I hope to be a fairly complete list, if I left one of your favorites off make sure to comment of get in touch with me. There are string bikinis, bulge styler bikinis, Brazilian Bikinis, Scrunch butt bikinis, bulge style bikinis, femme style bikinis, high-cut bikinis, low cut bikinis, neoprene bikinis, semi-sheer bikinis, enhancement style bikinis, plug powered bikinis and male form pouch bikinis. For our use here I am going to pass on talking about male form style bikinis since they are not your typical wear anywhere styles. For those not familiar with male form pouches the pouch is shaped like and erect or flaccid penis and though these are lovely designs they might not be the ones to go with when something a little more conservative than a G-string or thong is required.

The most popular men’s bikini swimsuit styles are the micro-bulge style suits with a scrunch butt rear. The bulge on this style suit compresses your equipment into a beautiful tight little package, the compression look is among the most popular styles for bikinis and thongs. Back in the day all the guys wanted their equipment to look as large as possible but the trend has been to make you look smaller and for the many men that are already small it makes you look perfectly sexy. The scrunch butt rear on these suits was adopted from style of bikinis that many women are wearing. These suits highlight the shape of your rear and make the cheeks look scrumptious.

You can see these types of men’s bikini swimsuit styles at the koalaswim.com website. The most popular styles are the Male Room, Male Man, Black Diamond and the Delivery Man just to name a few. These designs take form fitting to a new level and offer great looking shapes the mold to your body while still being extremely comfortable to wear. No suffering for fashion here.  

We have been talking about men’s bikini swimsuit styles that you can use for all around wear which is what this post is all about but that does not mean you can’t still get extremely wild with it and the best way to do that is with plug powered designs. These are radical bikini swimwear styles that look absolutely like a sexy bikini from the outside but hidden away these swimsuits have a secret. They offer the option of wearing you suit with a plug inserted inside of you. Swimwear does not get much more exciting and does not get any more stimulating than plug powered suits. There are two different types of plug powered men’s bikini swimsuit designs. There is the standard style that uses a butt plug that is hidden from view so at that next pool party only you will know why there is such a huge smile on your face, that is unless you share the secret. The other style uses a combination butt plug cock ring called an Ass Spark of which there are many styles to choose from. Most of these designs must be used with the Ass Spark of your choice because that is how they are held together. There are some styles that use an Ass Spark as an option. These are some of the most fun bikinis you can wear but I would recommend wearing a Tango Cum Dam to keep from constantly wetting the front of your suit, yes that is how excited you will be while wearing a plug powered bikini.

Femme style mtf transformation men’s bikini swimsuit designs are the fastest growing category of sexy bikini designs for men with too many reasons to go into here but we will touch on some of the reasons why this category of men’s swimwear is so crazy popular now. These are designs you can where anywhere you choose too but keep in mind, they change the shape of the front of the pouch so you no longer look male. You will look completely female down there right up to having a lovely camel toe. We have many people wearing these suits all over. Some are transexuals, some crossdressers, some sissies but a huge number of the people wearing this new style of suit are men that are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. There is nothing like the experience you will get wearing one of these suits as you men’s bikini swimsuit choice and since I am a cheerleader for men to learn about their inner feminine selves, I say go for it.

Some of the most popular designs are the Clever Girl, Spicy Girl, Pussy Warrior Bikini, Finger Me Bikini and the Sissy Lips Bikini. Daring names for amazing men’s bikini swimsuit designs.

New fat cock ring, cock ring engraving and info on new Neoprene suits

New fat cock ring, cock ring engraving and info on new Neoprene suits


First things first I wanted to tell you about a new very cool cock ring. It’s called the Chubby and it is think, fat, available in many sizes, made in the USA and designed to keep you nice and hard. We are offering custom engraving on most of our aluminum cock rings. You will see the option on the product page and you can order custom engraving with up to 27 letters. Make sure they know who owns that cock.

I am so excited to tell you about the three new neoprene swimwear designs we have ordered. They are custom styles made just for us and there is nothing else like them anywhere that I have found. These are truly micro bikini and thong styles with real micro bulge pouches. Two are bikinis, one a semi full back and one a Brazilian style rear both with ultra micro style bulge pouches. They are extremely hot! The day the samples came in I was prancing around all over in them. The third style is an over the top micro bulge thong with a skin tight fit I would call spectacular. We are shooting on having them available in about five weeks or so ready for summer fun.


January beach weather.


I hope everyone has had a chance to see the new chastity and cock ring gear at koalaswim.com. Right out of the gate the best seller has been the Lord of the Cock Rings. Yes it was named after one of my favorite multi part movies but if you see this ring with its massive weight and size you will understand that no other name would have worked as well.

The weather report says 72 on Saturday and 80 on Sunday! Wow that is some crazy weather for this time of the year. Those are the numbers for the beach this weekend in Southern California. My guess is we will be seeing lots of men and women wearing very little at my favorite Venice Beach spot I will surely be one of them. Earlier this week I got some quality sun time near our office wearing my micro bikini but since it was just a lunch hour or so break it was just me by my tan little self.

Last week I did a post on the Koalaswim blog about working on my ass. The first week has passed with a ton of ass work. It is not my imagination; the muscles are starting to bulge. Can’t wait to see how they look in six or seven weeks maybe like some of the Brazilian girls at my gym with big round butts.


It’s fixed and it’s better than ever!

It’s fixed and it’s better than ever!

Sorry about this last weekend I know a lot of people had issues trying to place orders with their credit cards not being accepted. Our shopping cart is by Big Commerce one of the largest and most secure providers in the market place. We were updating to their newest fastest checkout page and some of our credit card processing did not move with it. That is all fixed now and everything is working great, faster and easier than ever! We have also added the Amazon Pay option (Hooray!) for all you  400,000,000 Amazon users out there. I have used Amazon Pay to checkout on many others sites and thought it was awesome. We are extremely excited to now have this option at Koalaswim.com

If you haven’t checked it out yet make sure to take a look at the Newsletter Sale for some of the best deals of the year. Make note: if you order ANY three sale suits you will receive a FREE surprise suit included with your order!


All the guys must be watching the NFL on Sunday because it seemed like it was only me and tons of girls at the beach where it was close to 90 degrees out. Lots of thongs and lots of Brazilian style bikinis on some very large and lovely rears. I actually was one of them choosing to wear a Brazilian style bikini, but of course a micro, micro front.

We are in for another heat wave.



When it gets hot at the beach it generally gets hot with the beach crowd. I love seeing all the people wearing so little clothing. I know the girls are better at it than the boys but I will be out there doing my share trying to wear the smallest suit, man or woman of anyone in Southern California. I would love to know other guys are doing the same. Let’s make the last weekend of August the most micro weekend of the year. Let’s give those hot girls wearing next to nothing a run for the money. Pick one of your favorite Koala swimsuits and hit the beach. I would love to see a big turnout at MDR in SoCal but no matter where you are if the weather is nice make sure to take advantage of it and go as micro as you dare!




Make sure to hook up with the last days of August Koala Newsletter Sale

Getting in a sexy workout



It’s beautiful out but too cold to hit the beach wearing a micro bikini so I decided to do a beach walk on Sunday in the sand. I hurt my back the other day playing basketball so a run was out of the question but I still wanted to get in a good sweat. In addition I also wanted to look hot doing it my exhibitionist side was pushing me to go sexy. If it was warmer I think I would have slipped on a Clever Girl thong with a short sweat shirt one small enough to show the entire suit but I opted to go with the small sweatshirt and a pair of Pinnacle Girl Power Tights. I was completely in the mood to go ultra femme and there is little doubt that the Girl Power Tights are the most attention getting of our femme style leggings done up in a matt wet look almost rubber like spandex finish. The pussy bulge these tights show off is exceptional and as feminine as a man can be and still have a (maybe or maybe not in spectators eyes) penis, a penis that has been completely erased and recreated into a vagina. I walked for miles in the sand getting a hell of a workout. Most of the people on the beach this time of year are other women working out while most of the men seem to be watching the football games. I talked to a few ladies I had a lot of interesting looks and smiles and I finished up with some stretching on the beach. As I was stretching I had a chat with a yoga girl I see down there all the time, both of us standing by the surf both in tights and both looking very feminine to all the people going by. What a great way to spend a couple hours.


Have you seen the Koala Newsletter Sale? The prices are our lowest ever and the selection is the largest (though we are running out of some styles and sizes). Make sure you end up with the holiday gifts you really crave and keep in mind we can drop ship gifts to your special friends (only the best boys deserve Koala!)

Last Day of Sale, Playing with a Strap-On Vagina and Labor Day Weekend



Today August 31 is the last day of the Koala Newsletter Sale and it might be as much as three months until we have the next one. If you have not yet checked out the amazing deals please do so now. Here is the Koala Newsletter Link.

I believe I mentioned on the last post that we found and have ordered the Strap-On Pussy they are on their way from a supplier in Germany! The latex strap on functional pussy fits over your anus to make a beautiful feminine love tunnel. I have been experimenting with it and if you tuck just right you can completely hide the penis. The Strap-On Pussy can be used under panties while tucked to show a realistic visually beautiful vagina outline and you can use it to cover the penis or the anus with penis exposed or if you are great at tucking like I am you can spread it over the hole and cover the penis.


Labor Day weekend is one of my favorites. We have a pool party to attend and I will be rocking a very tiny suit but I have not yet decided whether to go thong of bikini. I am leaning to bikini because there might be some kids there. I know with three days to the long weekend I am bound to get some beach time too.

I grabbed the wrong suit last Sunday and ended up wearing a Streamline instead of my usual Ballz swimsuit. The Ballz has a smaller pouch but the interesting thing was it makes my cock look larger than the larger pouch on the Streamline. (Keep in mind when I am talking about one pouch being larger than the other I am still talking about extremely micro pouches on both) The Ballz pouch fits my tiny package ever so tight and smooth where as the Streamline pouch offers me a little more room and my shaft has room to stand leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination when it comes to size and thickness. You can clearly see when I get out of the water the shaft is about one inch and not very thick. I enjoy wearing both styles but I think for all day use the pouch that keeps me smooth works better.

More new designs and beach days


I just finished trying on a couple of new butt plug powered bikinis and they are fantastic. I believe they are so popular because both can be used as sexy bikini swimsuits without the plug but when you want to spice up your day at the beach or around the hotel pool you can mount a nice large butt plug in either of these new designs and lay around with a huge smile on your face. Maximum stimulation with total stealth, both designs are really hot. I had a couple fantastic beach days this last weekend. Total micro thong days in the sun. The funny thing about spring days at the beach here in LA is it can be breezy which it was both days and the breeze is on the cool side. That keeps lots of people away from the beach and makes parking easy as can be. The best thing of all is that these days might just be the nicest of them all. The breeze keeps you from overheating but the intense sun keeps you nice and warm.



Men’s Swimwear

New Suits and Tights update. Fun and photos in the sun!


I have been designing the sexiest creations I can imagine for many years now. I must be getting old because I know it’s been over twenty years but I just can’t come up with the actual number today.  I do the design and my girls work their magic on creating them. They have never settled for anything less than perfection and unfortunately that can be very time consuming. I thought the new collection would be out late November or early December. That is not going to happen. There is no way to rush them and after all these years of working together I try not to get too worked up about it. We are still looking to get the new designs online before the end of December. It looks like that should happen but I will not put them online until they are all in stock.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. I might not be too technically savvy but I try. I just got a selfie stick. I always thought they were kind of lame but when I started thinking about it I realized I could take pictures when I sneak off to the beach or when I am hanging out around the pool. I am not sure why this thought never came to mind but it seems like it would be fun. Sure enough I got it yesterday and today as it turns out was one of those lucky December beach days, sunny and around seventy degrees at the surf. I figured if I took some pictures while relaxing in my micro bikini and posted them on the blog it would almost be like I was working. Yes I could see how that could be classified as work so down to the beach I went. Here are some of the photos. I’m no model but I love wearing spandex. Maybe you could be brave and send some photos, I’ll post them!



November Pool Day Thrill


Today it is cold but yesterday it was eighty degrees out and I decided for the first time in ages to spend my lunch getting some sun around the pool. I could not believe how warm it was, perfect micro bikini weather. When I arrived to the pool I was amazed to see a number of collage age girls there. That never happens this late in the season but then I realized schools must be out for the Thanksgiving holiday. They were all wearing bikinis but none was anywhere near as small as mine. It must be a thrill when you overhear women talking about your huge cock but of course with my little package that is never going to happen. I did get a little thrill overhearing them talk about how small my cock must be. Turns out the young ladies were not only sunning themselves but smoking a little pot too and you know how loud people get when they are buzzed.  They were nice enough to offer me a hit which I accepted. It turned out they were all from CSUN which is just a few miles away and they share a unit in the building. Looks like I am going to have company on some of the sunny fall and winter days.