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Neoprene orgasm

Neoprene orgasm

We have so many designs that sometimes I forget how awesome certain suits are. A customer asked me a question about the Wet Slut which is a neoprene transformation swimsuit. I actually had to try it on to answer him. I stripped right in the office to my birthday suit and tried on the Wet slut. I could not believe how incredible the fit was, how smooth the flat girl like bulge was and how wonderful neoprene feels on my body. I was having so much fun I had to try on all the neoprene designs. I became so aroused that a went back into my office still wearing the Wet Slut answered the customer and had to blow a load before I could get any more work done. Now that’s fun.

Men’s Neoprene Swimwear

New fat cock ring, cock ring engraving and info on new Neoprene suits

New fat cock ring, cock ring engraving and info on new Neoprene suits


First things first I wanted to tell you about a new very cool cock ring. It’s called the Chubby and it is think, fat, available in many sizes, made in the USA and designed to keep you nice and hard. We are offering custom engraving on most of our aluminum cock rings. You will see the option on the product page and you can order custom engraving with up to 27 letters. Make sure they know who owns that cock.

I am so excited to tell you about the three new neoprene swimwear designs we have ordered. They are custom styles made just for us and there is nothing else like them anywhere that I have found. These are truly micro bikini and thong styles with real micro bulge pouches. Two are bikinis, one a semi full back and one a Brazilian style rear both with ultra micro style bulge pouches. They are extremely hot! The day the samples came in I was prancing around all over in them. The third style is an over the top micro bulge thong with a skin tight fit I would call spectacular. We are shooting on having them available in about five weeks or so ready for summer fun.


Men’s neoprene swimwear is officially hot!


I am happy that the new neoprene femme style bikini and thong swimsuits have been hot sellers right out of the gate but I’m even more excited by the feedback I have received. Thanks for the e-mails and keep them coming I would love to hear about your reaction to wearing neoprene swimwear. I know for most of you it will be the first time. Smooth and lovely come to mind when I think of the way they fit. I do like the idea of ordering a size down from your normal size. I am normally a medium but I love the tight compressed fit the small offers me.


There’s just a few more days for you to order off the Koala Newsletter Sale. It will be gone for two months so make sure to take a look!


Neoprene swimwear has arrived and is in stock now.

I am so excited to announce that our two new neoprene swimwear designs are now in stock and ready to ship. They are the “Skin Diver Bikini and the Wet Slut Thong” both are semi femme style designs but if you drop a size lower than your usual size i.e. if you are medium think about going with a small to get a total femme smooth vagina look. Wearing neoprene is a totally different experience than wearing spandex but it is still totally erotic and sensual.



Hope your holidays have been and continue to be wonderful.

I hope you have had a chance to check out the new Koalaswim.com website. We completely changed the format to offer a much better shopping experience. I would love any feedback positive or negative to help us tune things up. Our new Neoprene bikini and thong designs should be ready early 2018, late January or early February. I am hoping to be able to post some photos here in the next couple of weeks.


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