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New bulge style swimsuit


When we are creating new designs often we try building upon styles that are both interesting and popular. One of the design features we are into is having swimsuits with butt plug options. It’s a stimulating mix! My opinion on the subject from many customer interactions over the years is we have done our duty of getting men of all sexual identities to try anal stimulation using a butt plug and based on ordering trends once tried many are hooked, after all it does feel great. Mix that in with being able to do it in public and you have an intoxicating mix of pleasures. Our last collection of designs included the Pegging Brazil which was wildly popular. I decided to build upon that style by doing one with the same awesome bulge front but with a little less coverage in the rear, still enough coverage to wear it on any beach. I’m always excited about getting men to expand their comfort zones whether that is a swimsuit with a small plug or maybe one with a large cock shaped plug and at the other extreme going total feminine and reshaping the penis into a vagina. I have a personal story about femme style suits that I will post next time.

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Just knowing you look great



When it comes to wearing tights which is just one among the thousands of other things the ladies can teach us, even the most masculine men.

Walk into any gym and you will see women of every shape and size wearing absolutely skin tight tights. I love seeing all these different body types, women proudly showing off their bodies. Some of the tights they wear are so thing and so revealing it is almost as though they are working out nude which again is something spandex freaks like me enjoys seeing.  What I love the most about it is how confident they are in their bodies. Some of them are quite large and others are soft in many places but they are all out there showing virtually everything. It’s all wonderful. There are now more men than ever wearing tights and I see many guys with amazing bodies wearing skin tight tights but I would love to see more of the non model types like me out there too. Our line of Pinnacle Sport Tights have been incredible sellers in fact so much so that we are almost always a week or two behind on them. Our tights are made one at a time with loving care. They might just be the sexiest men’s tights on the planet and we offer both bulge pouches and femme style pouches (personally I love working out wearing a femme style pouch but on occasion I go bulge and wear a cock ring)


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Girls and Boys

After all these years I am still blown away by how much more comfortable women at the beach are in their own skin. Now as you know I love seeing people of all shapes and sizes wearing micro swimwear, to me it is more about the thrill that they have taken the plunge, male or female. The other day I was on my favorite beach and like all very hot summer days the beach was packed. There were a couple Spanish speaking girls right next to me wearing hybrid thong G-strings. The flat of the back is partially covered but the ass is fully exposed. These women were plump, not fat but very healthy. I am in awe of how easily they were moving through the crowds with just about everything exposed. They were playing in the water and taking a walks on the beach. You could see by looking at them there was not an ounce of self consciousness, not one once. I can’t tell you how wonderful I think that is and I wish I had their confidence.  Just because there is a small penis under my little bulge seems to hold me back at least a little bit. I guess I’m still a work in progress.



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Fitting and tights surprise part 2


I feel tights should show off the male form. The pouch should show the bulge and maybe even a hint of the penis shape. (If tights take off like the shorts have I will definitely do a male transformation camel toe style pair too) I want the tights to go deep between the cheeks and show the legs as sexy and hot as what the girls are wearing. Like I said in the last post the custom tights that came from Europe were very sexy but not perfect fitting. The craftsmanship was fantastic something we at Koala appreciate but the pouch and legs were just not perfect. I want perfect. My girls surprised me Friday with perfection. They had tried making samples a few times and kept getting closer and closer to perfect. They had three pairs for me to try on which were all amazing. These were my dream tights. I asked if this was something they could actually produce and to my delight the answer was yes. The tights were form fitting beyond belief, the pouch was incredible showing a bulge which could not be mistaken for anything but cock. The girls decided not to listen to me and made the pouch area double fabric which turned out to be the way to go. These are sports tights. They are compression tights that you would wear to the gym, tights you would go running in and might even wear just going out around town like the ladies do with their hot skin tight fashions. The design not only showed off the beauty of the bulge but went deep between my cheeks as far as is possible showing off the complete ass shape. Because spandex is such a huge turn on for me it is no surprise tights get me horny. The fact is when I was a kid I loved seeing girls wearing leotards and I guess things have not changed much only now I like seeing them on men and women. There is something so masculine and yet so feminine about tights for men. My biggest test might be trying to workout wearing them and not being hard every moment. We will be making a tights in white four way stretch spandex, black cotton spandex, grey cotton spandex and maybe the most interesting pair will be made in what is called a suntan cotton spandex which is like a tan nude skin color and should make you appear completely nude. I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

My guess is we will have tights ready in time for the holiday season.

More about new designs in a couple of days.


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More ideas about tights


Thanks for all the posts about tights. I love tights and I am happy to hear that many of you would be interested in wearing them too. I am still in the very early planning stages of deciding what to do and I have some thoughts to run by you. This is what my perfect pair of tights would be like. I would want tights that can be used in the real world, ones needless to say that would be very sexy, no point in making the same thing that is already out there. The first question would be how to handle the bulge. I think the first pair of tights would be in a grey single ply very stretchy spandex fabric. My feeling is visually grey is both very athletic and it also shows off the curves very well. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of the girls wearing grey tights! This first style would not feature a bulge style pouch but would highlight the shape of the penis against the fabric. The tights would offer a deep seam in the rear so the shape of the cheeks showing them split would be a center point of the design. I like the idea of having the shape of the penis show through the fabric rather than in a bulge pouch. If tights turned out to be a popular addition we would definitely add bulge styles too but personally I think I would wear the type that shows cock through fabric more eagerly in public than a bulge pouch which is very much in your face. My second style tight would be a similar to the first but in a spandex blend. This softer fabric is something I have only seen for women and I have no idea why it is not available for men. I would introduce a small bulge style pair of tights and then a larger bulge style. While I was working out the other day I noticed a woman working out in a pair of tights made of such thin looking spandex that they almost looked like skin.  The tights did not offer much support but they sure looked sexy talk about being in a public place with a nude experience. I will be looking into that fabric too.


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