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Micro Penis style swimsuit

Hi just checking in with you guys and I thought I would mention a new design that came to me in my dreams the other night and we are already working to bring it out in a couple months. It is based on our new product called the Micro Penis Maker and it will be a bulge style thong or bikini, not sure which yet. What I am sure about is it will be the worlds smallest penis style bulge design that highlights how incredibly small the Micro Penis Maker let’s you get. I can see the finished swimsuit in my minds eye.

Tiny micro bulge turn on.

Tiny micro bulge turn on.

A couple neighbors walked by me laying around the pool the other day and I heard on quip that he might as well be naked wearing such a little swimsuit. She has no idea how true the statement actually is on so many levels. Yes I would love to be out there naked. I would love to be on the beach naked and my feeling is eventually as a society we will get there after all what is more beautiful than the human body and why in the 21st century are so many people still so ridiculously uptight about them? I was wearing a tiny bulge suit that barely covered a thing. I was sporting a very small bulge but large enough to know I was a male of the species. The hot thing about our pouch styles is that you can both see and feel the shape of your penis. If your cock is a little perky you know and everyone else knows. When you touch yourself in one of our spandex pouches it is very close to touching your fully exposed penis, what a turn on. Nothing like looking hot and feeling sexy for the world to see. It’s going to be nice here today I guess after my workout the beach will be calling me and my tiny little micro bulge.

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More ideas about tights


Thanks for all the posts about tights. I love tights and I am happy to hear that many of you would be interested in wearing them too. I am still in the very early planning stages of deciding what to do and I have some thoughts to run by you. This is what my perfect pair of tights would be like. I would want tights that can be used in the real world, ones needless to say that would be very sexy, no point in making the same thing that is already out there. The first question would be how to handle the bulge. I think the first pair of tights would be in a grey single ply very stretchy spandex fabric. My feeling is visually grey is both very athletic and it also shows off the curves very well. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of the girls wearing grey tights! This first style would not feature a bulge style pouch but would highlight the shape of the penis against the fabric. The tights would offer a deep seam in the rear so the shape of the cheeks showing them split would be a center point of the design. I like the idea of having the shape of the penis show through the fabric rather than in a bulge pouch. If tights turned out to be a popular addition we would definitely add bulge styles too but personally I think I would wear the type that shows cock through fabric more eagerly in public than a bulge pouch which is very much in your face. My second style tight would be a similar to the first but in a spandex blend. This softer fabric is something I have only seen for women and I have no idea why it is not available for men. I would introduce a small bulge style pair of tights and then a larger bulge style. While I was working out the other day I noticed a woman working out in a pair of tights made of such thin looking spandex that they almost looked like skin.  The tights did not offer much support but they sure looked sexy talk about being in a public place with a nude experience. I will be looking into that fabric too.


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