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Most readers of this blog know what Koala is all about but for new readers let me give you a quick rundown. Koala is about the world’s most extreme men’s swimwear, fetish spandex, cock displays, extreme shorts and coming soon amazing tights. We made our name with swimwear designs that have been created to be fun, sexy, functional and most of all micro and all of our suits are made in the USA with love. One of our passions and many of our customers favorites are the pouch only designs. We have been making pouch only swimsuits for years and we are always working on perfecting the designs. This new design targeted a need specifically for me even though many other customers have asked for this type of pouch. I have included a photo of me wearing it. This beautiful little pink pouch should be able to see beach use anywhere you can use a G-string. My issue with pouches has always been penis shrinkage. I am not big to start with and once in the water my little cock becomes unbelievably small, often well less than 1”. This pouch is constructed with a built in 3 ring metal cock ring cage along with an adjustable outer cock ring. Not only will it stay on in the water and make the smallest penis look like a nice sized bulge it will keep the penis from shrinkage holding it firmly in place. I love the way this pouch only suit looks and feels, can’t wait to see it on a model.

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3 thoughts on “New pouch only design”

  1. Hi Michael.
    So many choices! I was looking for a thong or string to wear under a swim suit that does the following:
    literally pushes the dick inward while allowing the balls to be out. Ideally creating a “button” in my swim suit. Light colored and light weight material
    What do you recommend?

    1. Any of the Changed Man styles should do that but there are a number of others designs that would work too.


  2. Really really sexy : the mix of pink spandex and the 3 cock rings cage is wonderdul. I can see how how horny you are by that two wet spots of precum…. I need that pouch too..

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