Fond memories of mens speedos

Mens speedos are really what got me into the whole sexy swimwear spandex fetish wear trip to begin with.
I remember being in my teens and wearing nothing but beach shorts like most of the boys from LA.
I saw the guys on the mens swim team at a local college wearing speedos and I decided right then and there
that I would get a pair and try them out. I remember finding my first mens speedo at a swim school and trying it in front of the owner. Seems a little funny now that he would want to watch a 13 year old change and I’m sure it made me a little nervous but I really wanted a pair. Back in the day there were only a few different mens speedo styles. I picked the one with the narrowest waist band and I think the first thing I did was cut out the liner. You could see the shape of my cock clearly when the suit was dry and once my Speedo was wet you could see it all. There is so much I remember about my first Speedo suit. I wonder if there were not mens speedos then if I still would have ended up into spandex? Do you have any early memories of wearing mens speedos?

It kind of funny that now mens speedos to me look like huge suits. I guess in some way they are still sexy but way to much fabric for me!

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4 thoughts on “Fond memories of mens speedos”

  1. I love speedos! when i was in high school I love to see the outline of other guys cocks..I also cut out my liner! I watched the expresssion of the guys when I came out of the pool.
    awsome experience! I think some moms were looking too!

  2. I loved my speedos in the 60s & 70s, also cut out the liners, lifeguarded in them for 6 years
    The newer ones are much more opaque and feel like they are a lot thicker, nowhere near as nice
    Am delighted I found koalaswim to replace them

    Did anyone say anything to you about your cock showing through when you were a lifeguard?

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