The relaxed penis.



There are some benefits to getting older. I have been in the swimwear business for many years now and without talking much about age I can tell you there are some differences now than say twenty years ago. If we go all the way back to my early teen years when I started wearing sexy bikinis I can tell you it was almost impossible to slip on a little spandex suit (little was more like Speedo size back than) and not have a raging hard-on one that was clearly visible off and on no stop. At times it was a problem because I wanted to be able to walk around without my cock looking like it was ready to burst out onto the scene.  On top of being hard all the time the feeling of wearing a bikini was so exciting that I was constantly wet. Sometimes with pre-cum and other times little ejaculations from the pressure of my cock rubbing against the spandex. I was in the water all the time trying to get rid of the huge wet spots. Arousal is almost always wonderful but sometimes it was too much of a good thing. As I have aged my penis is much more relaxed. I do miss the days of having a raging erection from almost anything but having a relaxed penis has it benefits too. I can wear the smallest swimsuits and not be worried about my cock getting so hard that the suit cannot contain it and it comes spilling out. That has happened to me and my guess is you have experienced that to. In the wrong setting that can be embarrassing.  My penis is so well behaved I can take it anywhere. I can walk down the beach with friends and not worry about an escaped penis. Let’s face it we get enough attention wearing the suits we love and I get more of a thrill having it seen small and even extra small.


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  1. Hi,
    I’m in my early 40’s and my penis is not well behaved at all. I can’t control how aroused I get when I’m wearing a thong or when I see someone else, male or female, wearing a thong at the beach. I love the excitement and would hate to see it go away, but on the other hand I would like to be able to somewhat control it.

    I need help! I will be in San Diego in a couple of weeks and would love to visit Blacks Beach wearing a Koala thong. I need recommendations on what Koala suit would be the best to wear. I keep my pubic area completely shaved and smooth. I need a suit that will either hide an erect penis or keep it pointed down. Please give me your recommendations. I’ve never been to Blacks Beach and so I’m not familiar with the culture of the beach. Please give me any insights that you might have.

    I feel like I’m just a couple of weeks away from doing something that I constantly fantasize about. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Blacks Beach is awesome and though most guys do not walk around with erections I don’t think anyone will mind if you do. Any of our regular thongs will keep that active cock of yours in check. If you get extremely hard the pouch will look a little larger but it will be fine even at a regular beach. Be ready for a bit of a hike down the hill to reach the beach. Anyone other Black Beach regulars have any tips for our friend?

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