The wet spot.

The wet spot.

I have found in my many years of wearing hot spandex micro suits, shorts and tights that when you mix, penis, spandex, activity, lounging and the spandex mindset you are almost always going to end up with a wet spot. That wet spot as we all know is Precum. If the water is close by and it is hot out taking a dip clears up that pesky little wet spot every time but if you don’t feel like getting in the water you might think about preventing wet spots. Once a tight little thong is pushing hard against your penis you are going to have some wetness it is totally natural it happens to use all but if you what to hide that wet spot you might think about taking a small piece of a women’s sanitary pad and put it over the tip of the penis head. I have done that many times especially when I take a run wearing spandex and it works great. One pad can be cut into many mini pads and they will last you for many outings. I know of some men that get so wet they actually wear a condom. My penis is too small for that but if you can use one it is a 100% fix. I’d like to hear your opinion as to if you would try to hide your wet spot or be proud to have it there?

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2 thoughts on “The wet spot.”

  1. As someone who ‘suffers’ this problem (even when reading and posting at certain blogs), not even going the full Homer-Simpson ‘think un-sexy thoughts’ is enough for me. A patterned fabric may be less obvious, but a shiny blob will still show, and I find it does not wash off in the water, until the fabric is also rubbed (and then the problem repeats anyway). Also, if the suit is one that does nothing to hide the form underneath (like most Koalas), a condom is the only solution. It also has the benefit of improving the definition, so to speak. I use one in combination with a cock ring, rolling the condom over the entire package. This way, it stays put, your package is optimally formed, and there is no hint of anything else beneath the fabric besides you. At the end, you’ve also saved all your pre-cum, should you wish to do anything with it.

    Of course if the suit is too small to cover the ring, then at that point there’s probably not much point being concerned about the leakage!

    The downside is when you need to take a leak. That’s a compromise I’m prepared to accept.

  2. Further thoughts on the condom approach:

    1. Wear a brightly-coloured condom under a sheer or nearly-sheer suit for a different look.

    2. Use the condom under a sheer suit to skirt public indecency laws. After all, your package is covered, even if not by the suit. 😉

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