Best pouch only swimsuits, photo of micro pouch and foreskin

One of the new designs that I tried on last week was the Ass Spark enhanced Testosterone pouch suit. It is by far the best pouch only suit I have ever put on. Not only does the pouch stay in place perfectly, much more secure than any other design it feels so fantastic using the combo Ass Spark cock ring anal plug. This is a design you could lay in for hours and doze off having the most wonderful erotic dreams. It is spectacular visually too.

I took a quick shoot of my tiny cock in a micro pouch sheer suit. This is the style I talked about the other day that we made for a customer that ordered ten of them. I had one made for me and I can’t get over how cool it feels with the longer but narrower micro shaft and the slimmer ball pouch.

My foreskin experiment is coming along nicely. After cranking on the Tempest for thirty minutes my cock looked like it had a restored foreskin. I stood typing this nude and hung out around the house waiting to see how long it would stay in that state. It was over an hour and still micro when I got dressed and out of the house with my cock still looking like it had a foreskin. Snapped a couple shoots and will post this week.

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3 thoughts on “Best pouch only swimsuits, photo of micro pouch and foreskin”

  1. That’s a hot suit! Wonder if you could actually have sex in it?

    Perfect for getting your cock sucked in

  2. Spectacular design but the question keeps coming up, StS, do you have to keep your cock hard continuously? Or, does this thing work as well with a softy on? Usually I have to be pretty near a pussy and in fuck mode to get it up. I have a great intact foreskin that I think would look great in this pouch. Maybe see what effect you can get with wearing a rubber inside the pouch just in case you get so turned on that you ejaculate? Hmm Like a bit of balls showing on the sides.

    My penis is small and in this shot is was soft too. That is the beauty of this size pouch

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