I want some early Feedback!

I want some early Feedback!

You will see this idea that we are working on mentioned in the next Koala Newsletter but being me, I am too impatient to wait so I will run my idea to the readers of the men’s swimwear blog. Here we go: I am working on two new designs one thong and one bikini style swimsuits the thong has a femme front and the bikini will have a bulge front both are sleek and very sexy but the big change for each happens in the back of the suits. Lots of guys including myself like to wear beautiful jeweled and fun style butt plugs and there has been a trend among young ladies to wear and show them off generally with a flick of their skirts with no panty’s downstairs. My two new designs and most likely more styles to come will feature a hidden slot that is big enough to push your favorite butt plug through will fully exposing the beauty of the plugs end, in my case a jeweled plug. I love the idea of how the jewel looks against the fabric and how you will be able to wear them to the beach and many but not all will know there is more to what they see than the pretty jewel. They will know there is a plug up that sweet ass, that seems so erotic to me. How does that sound to you? Let me know!!!

2 thoughts on “I want some early Feedback!”

  1. “Tangaland” in Germany have started a range of these of which I have just purchased one. Great idea for you too to manufacturer one or two as well, I can only see this type of suit to be a winner as they will become popular I’m sure.

  2. I agree this is a great design. You could couple it with the option of wearing an ass spark, by adding a strategic hole under the pouch such that the “bar” could go on top of the fabric and be exposed.

    I hope the thong has skinny side straps and a minimal rear for better tanning!

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