Of Sparks and Hooks Mens extreme swimwear

The swimwear designs we make featuring the Anal Spark and the Anal hook have been blazing off our shelves and I am not sure I mentioned this in the blog or just in the newsletter but we are working on some extreme versions of the Ass Spark and the Anal Hook. We have final samples coming in this week and I hope to get them before the photo shoot we are doing Sat with KMC. If they are in I will try to get the models
to use them. If I am not successful I will be forced to try them myself in front of the camera!
Cool thing about the Ass Spark Extreme (not sure that will be it’s real name but that just popped out of my brain) is that it will work with all the Ass Spark enabled suits you already have!

If you are not a member of KMC the first 20 minutes or so of the shoot will be available at No charge..Free

Mens swimwear

4 thoughts on “Of Sparks and Hooks Mens extreme swimwear”

  1. Sounds terrific. Can you let us know what is “extreme” about the new ass-spark? My guess is that it has a larger ball on the insertion tip. If so, that would be great: it would keep it from sliding out easily. I’d be the first in line to get one like that.

    It will have a double ball with deeper insertion

    Mens swimwear

  2. dear md: im a midwesterner and seeking a bit more demure suit but love the idea of anal stim. im also more cornfed in build. can you suggest a suit to be used with either the double spark or the anal II? love your determination to open american eyes and minds to joins of being human sexual beings.

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