Do you know what A Scrunch Back suit is?

These designs are know as Scrunch back, scrunch butt and pucker back suits. They are suits that have full bikini rears but they gather up and work there way into your crack in effect highlighting the cheeks and the butt crack even though everything is covered. They seem to be coming back again for the girls and wondered what you boys have to say about the look and if it is something you could see yourself wearing?

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12 thoughts on “Do you know what A Scrunch Back suit is?”

  1. It sounds exciting on the ladies, but I’m to addicted to having just a string up my butt, I would not go back.

  2. I have a suit with push-out pouch and a rear seam that is close to a scrunch butt. I really like it because I prefer to show my male contours like women show their curves. It would be a good addition to the Koala line. Colors would be better than black. I would like to see some suits in semi-sheer patterns.

  3. A scrunch back suit was one of my first post-Speedo phase purchases 🙂 I love the feel of it getting partly into my crack and how it accentuates my butt cheeks. I haven’t worn it as much because I soon got several Koala suits and have enjoyed their much racier look (thongs and near-thongs), but the scrunch back suit is my fallback when I’m in a place that is very conservative.

  4. I’m not a fan, I don’t like the folds in the fabric that they produce. I much prefer just a center normal seam.

  5. The look might be coming back for the girls but it is not very popular. What I have noticed is the side-tie bikini it the popular look for this season. I am a girl and I buy a lot of bikinis and I noticed that the girls are shopping for the tiny string bikinis and thongs this season that tie at the sides. The bikini store that I go to has almost 2/3 of there racks stocked side-tied bikinis from full backs to thongs and g-strings. I looked on your website and bought a few bikinis for my boyfriend and I noticed that the only truly side-tie bikini you have is the orange undeniable model. I see that you have a lot of fem style bikinis for the men to make it look like they have a PUSSY but on the other hand I read on one of your blog that you as a designer thought that side-tie bikinis for men was to feminine. Really Michael David what are you thinking you design suits to give a man a PUSSY look and side-tie is to feminine. Please, Michael David, I want to hear what you have to say. Having a PUSSY and CAMEL TOE look wearing a fem suit is not to feminine but a side-tie suit that a man can wear is to feminine. Getting a man to look like a woman feminine not to feminine what is it.

    Jennifer you are right those style by their very nature are as feminine as you can get. I love string bikinis, I always have. I think they look great on men and yes we should add more to our line. That said there is something very fem about side tie strings but I enjoy my endeavors with the fem side
    PS love you talking about Pussy!


  6. I happen to have a old one like that and I would wear one when a thong is not accepted or in a situation where it might not be appropriate. I do need a new one and I think you could come up with a beautiful new example.

  7. I personally don’t like scrunch butt bikinis, even on girls, I’m not fond of the cleavage the middle dart gives to the butt

  8. I agree with Brock, I like a straight centre seam at the back of a bikini. I did once buy a tanga with a scrunch seam at the back but I don’t like the look – it looks too feminine to me, actually – and somewhow old-fashioned/1980s perhaps.

  9. I have one, black with tie sides. The scrunchie butt is very small, almost a thong. I wore it to the local pool and was asked very politely to wear something with a little more coverage. Love the bikini and the attention! Would be great to have a Koala suit. Perhaps a little more ass coverage, perhaps in colour, although I find tie sides in black very sexy. And, of course, one of your fabulous pouch designs MD.

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