Working on swimwear and sex wear?

I call all our designs swimwear out of habit but so many of the designs we offer are sex wear.
I can’t think of a better term then sex wear, it seems to hit the target dead on. I love wearing the suits with toys involved and as I mentioned a few blogs ago we have a couple new designs that will be here in about 4-5 weeks that can be incorporate into suit and sex-fetish (forgot about how good the term fetish wear is)
designs. These are items no one else has because they are my designs and I believe we are all going to enjoy them. I look forward to new and interesting items just like you do. On that front we are completing a deal that I hope will come through by Monday for a number of very high end products that can be added to our designs. Hope it happens it will be fun for us all!

Mens swimwear

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