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I know a lot about bikinis, thongs, g-strings, micro suits, pouch only designs and even Speedos (the first design that got me into spandex) but I don’t know shit about social media. I know there are many companies opening Facebook pages. Do you have any favorites and if you are into Facebook can you briefly explain why it would be important to be there.
Your help and responses are always appreciated.

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  1. I created a Facebook page for your (this) blog, and that’s how I saw you posted this message. 🙂 (I did the same for Fireboy’s blog). I am a big fan of Koala and was looking for an easy way to be alerted when you posted here. Since I browse Facebook a fair bit throughout the day, it’s nice to see messages from friends and pages I like appear in my feed there, rather than get email alerts. Companies that have Facebook pages can post photos too. I’ve liked Erogenos, Mensuas, and ABC Underwear pages.

    Thanks for the info
    I will check it out

  2. For one I have found your non-presence in social media kind of frustrating. That said I don’t think Facebook is the right venue for you. Facebook has content restrictions which led most adult businesses and porn stars to use MySpace. But given MySpace seems to be dying off much of the action has moved to Twitter. A number of porn stars have very active Twitter streams, check out a few. Dana Dearmond’s stream is very good for instance.!/danadearmond

    A number of fetish clothing makers on on Twitter too.

    Check out a local favorite, “The Baroness” who uses Twitter to keep following posted on parties, new designs, sales, fetish events etc.!/LatexBaroness

    Twitter limits the size of the post, and doesn’t handle photos. So lots of people post links to Twitter. Lots of sites host photos. Flickr has lots of adult content but often without warning deletes pages without warning for obscure violations of the user’s agreement. Some sites specialize in photos uploaded from phones. Personally I prefer the “microblogging” site Tumblr.

    It has easily customizable layouts, most of which look really good. They don’t just allow reposting, the make encourage and make it very easy. While most of the posts a just photos it does allow text, and people do post erotic stories with or without pictures. And it allows a fair amount of interaction between users. What I would suggest is a Twitter account for quick updates and linking your Tweets to Tumblr when you have photos or stories to tell. I would be great to get instant notification of your beach or gym adventures instantly and then be able to check out a photo you’ve uploaded from your camera. And it would be great to see picture from and of your model shoots with stories and/or explanations. For instance, why not give a shout to your fluffer by posting pictures of her in action behind the scenes at the shoot on Tumblr?

  3. Hey Michael,
    This is off topic of current post but I had to put it some where. I don’t know who makes the ASS Spark or the 3 ring cock cage, but if the shaft of the Spark could be married to the cage and use the straps of the Explosive Sex Eruption that would be Wild. Another version could be the cage with the new rubber spreader. MAYBE! I would have posted my e-mail but your system says it’s invalid. Like NOT!

    I printed out your post
    I think we could do a future suit that uses the ass spark and adds a rubber hole spreader
    It sounds like fun, I want to try it right now but my girls are overwhelmed with orders from the new collections.
    Maybe I will be able to slip this idea into the summer collection!

    Mens swimwear

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