Coming up for air

Wow have not posted for a few days very unlike me.
The past few days have passed at blinding speed including a trip to the emergency hospital
(everything looks OK) and just trying to keep up with the new suit sales. It has been our most insane April in the last 16 years we have been doing this crazy wonderful business.
Some of the designs are already on the third run in just the last couple of weeks with many of the new designs selling out before we can get them back in stock.
The design that started off strong but went completely crazy this last weekend was the Changed Man. Guess I’m not the only guy who wants to see and feel what it is like to have a pussy!

Our more conservative bikinis (wild by everyone else’s standards) have been selling great. We were talking about that today and our feeling is that the winter was so nasty almost everywhere that guys are planning vacations and little trips to warn sunny places as I type this.

I will catch my breath and try to post more tomorrow

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One thought on “Coming up for air”

  1. The Changed Man suit looks interesting, but it would not fly at my beach. The law requires that you have to cover the skin of your genitals.

    I’m not against the concept. I wore the Pink Satin Mangina for most of two summers back in the early 2000’s and had a lot of fun with it. If I see a guy wearing Changed Man on the beach I will undoubtedly envy him and wish that I was in the same “fix.”

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