More Ass Spark based suits

We have new suits based on the Ass Spark cock ring.Butt plug suits have been our most popular line of new suits in years. I am sure it helped that we sold tons of Ass Sparks before any designs came out and that the suits could be ordered with out the Ass Spark because we knew so many already had one.The samples of new designs are already approved and we have started production. The one I wanted to talk about today is a Brazilian bikini rear suit with a full front. We have a bikini and we have a thong to complete the line we needed a g-string and a Brazilian rear suit. The finished product is fantastic. It can be used in most public beach, hotel and other areas where you want to be seen. The metal section is fully exposed only when your legs are spread while laying down and even then most people would have no idea that  very moment you were having excellent sex. This designs was created with the idea that you want to be seen wearing it hell thats half the fun!

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5 thoughts on “More Ass Spark based suits”

  1. Can’t wait to get my first ass spark swimsuit. I’ve worn the ass spark on it’s own a few times and from the moment I put it in/on I’m dripping precum. Then when I start walking around it almost milks it out of me. Going to make for some interesting swimsuit wearing I think 😉

  2. michael, since i already have the ass spark i hope the suits are available in 2 flavors: 1) just the suit, 2) the ass spark + suit

    i don’t want to have to buy another ass spark but would love to have another suit to incorporate with the ass spark.

    All the suits that use the Ass Spark are available with out it for people who already own one


  3. I have been reading your blog this month and have not notice any link in your blog to the January newsletter sale. Have I missed it this month?

    No we skipped January

  4. I have an Ass-Spark suit and really love wearing it around the house. Have any of you found a place in Georgia where you can wear it outside? Thanks!

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