New design info, did I mention I was jazzed?

If you did not get the vibe from the last post about how jazzed I am with the new designs at the last fitting let me state again I was blown away and I can’t wait to get this collection out to you guys. Talked to the girls this morning and they think we will have full production of the new designs by the end of February. Knowing what I do about making suits for the last 15+ years I will tack on another 4 weeks to that but will be pleasantly surprised if they deliver any where near the date they told me, just being realistic.

Since none of the designs have names yet I will use a similar suit to describe this one. It is a micro sized version of the Smoking Gun design in the beautiful mostly sheer bronze fabric we use on Pierced. We made this design for Chris a customer who is into the style and I liked it so much that I knew we needed to offer it to everyone else. The first sample right off the bat was beyond perfect. I say that because the fit was superb, the extra small shaft made me instantly feel like a man. I filled it the second I was in and the way it is designed the pouch stayed full hard or not. It had enough stretch to handle my hardest erection and the sheer fabric looked stunning. The balls in the lower section looked tantalizingly tasty.

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  1. Michael David while you are designing all these fantastic new suits, how about adding to what you already have. I would love to see you add to the undeniable orange side-tie suit some new colors. My boyfriend love that suit and I love how he looks wearing that suit.

    It is a good idea
    maybe we will

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