New wonderful design

OK back to what we were talking about yesterday. New designs. I talked to the production department today and asked if they had an appx complete date for the 12 new designs. They will get back to me in the morning but I am hoping for 6 weeks.
I had previously mentioned the idea of a suit similar to the Shaft suit design ( The Shaft suit has a separate pouch for the balls and the shaft and is designed where the shaft is pointing down at all times even when hard) but with adjustments so when wearing it and laying out I could put additional pressure on the shaft to keep it inline with my legs thus showing what would appear to be an extremely narrow pouch. The balls in a separate pouch would be pulled lower just about between the legs and what people would see as a very narrow extreme micro pouch would actually be your shaft wrapped in spandex pointing down and most likely hard.
It would be micro not because of the length but because of how thin it would appear. The idea is that when level with your legs while you are out tanning people would not really be able to tell that it is just the shaft showing but would view it as a pouch. The sample I tried on yesterday was everything I could of hoped for and more. It was perfect.  We decided to make the shaft portion of the pouch a little more round at the head and just a little tighter over the shaft. I was hard the second I slipped the four way spandex shaft sleeve over my cock. My girls adjusted it and we all thought it looked beautiful. I laid down and sure enough with a pull of the strap between my legs the appearance was amazing. Just what I wanted and needless to say I was very excited about the end product. This is the way the fitting went and I will give more details over the next week.
This design was done in white spandex. Hope you get the idea of how happy I am with the results

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  1. This is the third time I have placed an order. The first time just suits, the second and third both suits and chastity devices. I was wondering if you have thought about adding more items in the chastity and fetish area? By the way the suits and chastity devices are great. I enjoy them and my Domme does also.

    We are always looking!

  2. MD, I hope you will be offering the new Shaft suit in at least WHITE, and perhaps yellow, light blue and red? Thanks. Bob

    White for sure!

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  8. The proper files were still web web. I thought it was strange, and even after changing the group as your instructions said, there was no change in how this displayed in both putty and filezilla. However, I tested uploading to my blog and it worked like a charm! I am not sure what is going on with the group thing, but somehow it must have worked. I’m curious as to what the deal is with that. In any case, Thank you so much!

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