New Yellow g-string ultra micro

One of the new designs that will be going into production is based on the suit I wear most often.
The Slug g-string is my suit of choice for many reasons, here are a few. I love the way it fits. It takes my cock and forms one of the sexiest and sweetest bulges around. It duplicates the nude tanning experience. The beaches of Southern California are my home tanning spots beautiful beaches but with the exception of a few far away spots no legal nude tanning. Ultra g-strings might not be legal but no one has ever bothered me and I have not heard about anyone else being hassled and as long as no complains it seems like girls can get away going topless most of the time. The Slut is so small in front that as long as you move the straps up and down as you tan it will not leave a tan line something I am into right now. The rear is a double strap. I not only like the way it looks nicely framing your ass but I like the way it feels and it just barely covers my hole, not even barely if my legs are spread. So what is up with the new one off design? First I love yellow it is one of my favorite colors and the second is one big change to the suit. The Slut is so small in front  snug to the top of your cock and sometimes getting out of the water if the pouch is pulled down even a fraction of an inch there is shaft showing. I needed to come up with a way that would allow me the Slut no tan line front i:e ultra micro but a way to cover a little more skin when walking on the beach, down to the water and more coverage when getting out of a hotel pool or the water at the beach. Last summer an idea came to me in just that situation. I came up with a folding elastic strap that fits around the top of the suit. When flipped down it has the same shape as the Slut g-string. Flipped up it  covers another 1/2″ give or take of  additional skin. Just enough to keep me and you out of trouble. The design works fantastic and it will be my future #1 beach suit.

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4 thoughts on “New Yellow g-string ultra micro”

  1. Years ago Koala had the Ignite Thong. It was yellow and had a great pouch which exposed the pubic area but had strings to camoflage the exposure. It was my favorite thong for years. Please bring it back!

  2. Hey guys I am going to be in LA APril 13th from about noon time on for a 1 2 hour layover love to go to the beach and show off my koala, suits, which beach would be best? I see there are buses from the airport. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.

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