Wow Top models show up for our shoot

Yesterdays live shoot was unusual to say the least. It is hard to advertise for models that are willing to do nude now that craigslist does not allow adult ads. So we played it straight and advertised for models to do swimwear.
We told them they would be modeling bikinis, thongs and g-strings we did not mention fetish wear because that can scare off some of the hotter models, the ones that do print, TV and movies here in LA. I must say that it was an interesting shoot. We needed 3 models but since models are notoriously flaky we decided to book 8! Our luck 8 showed up. Both Carlos from KMC and myself would never send people away that came out for a shoot even if we had to many so we found a way to use them all. Our combined opinion is that these were some of the hottest models we have ever had, I would say 6 out of the 8 were GQ style super hot working models, one nice looking actor and one was interesting. One young Russian model 21 years old was so hot we are trying to book him for the shoot with all the new designs next month. I would love to have him. We had the boys model bikinis, thongs, g-strings, some sheer, suits with cock rings but no exposed cock or anal suits. We had a great assistant Andy fitting the guys and yes we kept the cameras rolling while they changed so there was good nude footage.
Even with all the stress of setting up a shoot like this we were very pleased with the out come and we have a few top models we can use in the future.

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