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I am working on new ideas for summer. Our Spring collection is running a few weeks behind but should be out mid March. Would love to hear of any ideas you have. Here are a couple I am working on now.
I enjoy wearing the just about nude designs like the Slut G-String which has a very tiny pouch. My little cock fits great inside and I have seen much larger fill it up very well but the fit does become snug. I enjoy snug but many have asked for more room but the same awesome design. These designs come as close as possible to duplicating a nude tanning experience leaving virtually no tan line. We are working on a suit that will do just that but with much more room for a less snug fit and a pouch that will handle the largest cocks.
I find the anal area very erotic and love finding ways to expose it. We are working on a design that will be based on a Brazilian style bikini and if it works a thong too. This design will feature a small anal sleeve with a built in rubber/metal ring. Still working on the concept but the idea is to have the sleeve kept open in side you and to show off a small spandex covered gapping hole. Not sure if it will work but it should be fun trying on the different designs and seeing if we strike gold! A little crazy? maybe but we are always looking for excitement in our designs.

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  1. I find tan lines very erotic I hope they never disappear the thought of what had been covered and now exposed is hardon material!

    Don’t get me wrong a tiny tan line gets me hard too.
    The nude tan alternitve suits are my way of saying fuck you to the powers that be
    the ones that tell us we can’t tan nude

  2. In this suit design for the anal sleeve, the metal ring acts as a dick ring, which, if correct diameter for the male member, would act like a dog’s dick which will not eject until the blood pressure releases it. The “entrant” could voluntarily pull out, but the sensation would be so pleasurable, he would surely stay up for the finale.

    So this suit is for fucking while dressed. Hmmm….

    no the ring would be at the end or the sleeve to hold the hole open

  3. A couple of comments/suggestions for the future, if you don’t mind. First, I think there are a lot of straight/bi-guys out there like me who have gotten extremely turned on by the ideas in your suit designs. My current girlfriend, however, is much more closed-minded. I wonder if there is a way to market your designs that might make them more accessible/acceptable for guys like me, perhaps marketing to the crowd that goes to “swinger’s” clubs and such. It would be great to be able to see guys wearing just as sexy outfits as the girls get to do, and even better to be able to wear something scandalous but legal myself. Any suggestions on how to make these designs more alluring to a woman’s tastes in how her man should show off?

    Secondly, my favorite current design includes the anal hook and triple cock ring, attached together by over-the-shoulder straps. But wouldn’t that also be a great starting point for a man’s body harness? Imagine performing cunnilingus/fellatio, while your “master” is able to grab ahold of your harness at the shoulders and, by gentle tugging, propel you forward and at the same time gently pull on the anal hook and cock ring at the same time? I wouldn’t want to stop sucking, myself! A quick release on the back of the harness would give “master” quick access to replace the hook with any other device or body part he wished, without having to undo the entire harness. Please, don’t ever let me go!

    Finally, I like the idea of anal rings to spread the buttocks and anal opening, but it seems these would be very hard to get to stay in place. Would a series of rings, perhaps in gradations of size, welded together, some of which are inserted, provide the exposure/spreading of the butt cheeks you desire as well as creating an unyielding gaping orifice that can be viewed/explored with complete control by your partner?

    I love your ideas and hope that you can expand your audience to guys like me. One suggestion would be to use some models posing with their “girlfriends” so that straight guys and girls or bi-guys like me can “sell” them to their partners as an acceptable “straight” fashion.

    BTW I LOVE the combo cock ring and anal plug! I’ve got to see some more new suits utilizing this great toy. It would be fantastic to go out and find that everyone is wearing your suits.

    Thanks for your ideas and suggestions I hope more guys get involved with this thread!

    Mens swimwear

  4. I agree, using more women in the photos will make it easier for girl friends and wifes to accept the suits we love! Currently they simply follow learned behavior. Your volleyball story demonstrates that women do not reach negatively to small suits if they believe that is “normal” for the culture of the wearer. Please provide more women in the photos, and show the suits at the beach and pools!

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