getting ready for swimwear season

why is it that I am always a few pounds to heavy when micro swimwear season comes around?
I am going to the gym today to bust it and we are doing another photo shoot for KMC on the 25th of June. If I end up helping and have to get naked I want to look half way decent.  Wish I could come up with a great diet that works fast and lets me drop a little belly and ass meat fast. Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “getting ready for swimwear season”

  1. Mike, you already have the ass and body alot of I are envious over so don’t stress too much.

    I would suggest cutting all carbs out after 4pm and increasing the cardio slightly. I’ve done this before myself and dropped a bit quite quickly when needed.

    Got any hints on the new stuff you will be shooting?

    I can tell you the shoot should be interesting!

  2. Regarding diet for quick trim, a gym trainer would suggest you increase protein, decrease sugar and
    starch (carbs), and maybe cut a little fat (milk fat, especially). Not difficult to make a few adjustment,
    right? The trick is to substitute.

    No sweet drinks (corn syrup, aspartame); substitute with Vitamin Water Zero or SoBe Lifewater. Delicious!

    Chocolate: get the 72% 1 lb. block at Trader Joe’s,
    so you don’t eat other forms of chocolate with tons of sugar.

    Include more veggies. Some fruit, especially those lower on the glycemic index: berries, peaches.

    No sugar:(

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  4. When you find a diet that works, be sure to post a link to it, I would like to use it as would many others I am certain.

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