Nude fun and nude designs

My standard tanning suits are what I call our nude tanning experience suits because they are as close to nude as I have been able to design. They not only give you that type of tan but they feel like you are wearing almost nothing.
I spent today at an Internet Trade Show in San Diego which is a beautiful place and one of my favorite cities. If you have not been there it should be on your list of places to visit. After I finished the show I decided to tap and hour nap before the drive back to Los Angeles. My favorite beach in San Diego is the world famous Blacks Beach.
It has been a nude beach for decades but I understand the legal status of nude bathing there is questionable at this time. No big deal I went and took my nap in the nude without lifeguards or police bothering me. Lots a naked guys wondering by me gawking, hope they got their little turn-on but that is not what nude beaches are about.
Blacks Beach has great waves and the surroundings are awesome. Makes me a little sad that our nude beach in Malibu was taken away.

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One thought on “Nude fun and nude designs”

  1. How was your nude beach taken away?

    This afternoon I enjoyed sunning in my back yard while wearing my black shock thong – that is a hot design, so thank you 🙂

    The Feds, park Rangers are trying to take it

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