Different G-string today

Since I had Laser hair removal yesterday I am not supposed to tan but still wanted to take a break in the sun so I decided I would work on my sides and wear a G-string with more coverage. I picked the Ecstasy G-string and it was the perfect choice. It was hot as can be by the pool and there were lots of people swimming and getting sun. I pulled up a chair next to a few older ladies that I know. Stripped off my shorts to show off my hot plaid g-string and they loved it. It is so small and narrow but it almost feels like I am wearing shorts compared to the Slut g-string. There were kids and moms in the pool but I felt fine going in with the Ecstasy
on. Everyone was nice and no one had issue with a bare ass. After all it is just an fairly nice very tan ass.

Mens swimwear