One of my favorite times of the year

Most people would say the holidays or vacation time but for me it is when we roll out the new designs for my fellow spandex freaks to enjoy and comment about. I am hoping to have them all online late next week and they will all be in stock.

I have one more new thong to tell you about.
Our double pouch male form designs are not only shocking to see and exciting to wear they are very comfortable too. With a separate pouch for the balls and one for the shaft both molded to fit firmly around the cock so all of the details can be seen even if the fabric is a solid.
Most of these designs have been g-strings but we are adding a full size non micro thong style male form swimsuit to our line. I think that thongs are more comfortable being used all day as swimwear or underwear and lets face it there are few things more beautiful than a spandex cover hard cock. Can’t wait for you to see it!

Mens swimwear

2 thoughts on “One of my favorite times of the year”

  1. Just love your thongs. The Ballz has become my most worn thong at the beach. Even my wife is not shy when I wear this one on less travelled beaches.

    Planning a trip to Maui. Going to get in some great snorkelling and time spent sharpenning the thong tanline.

    Would you make the “Sweet Boy Thong” in yellow and black for this customer? Looking forward to showing off my well defined glutes this January !!~~!!

  2. Winter season is fast approaching on Northern Vancouver Island. With so few opportunities to wear cock defining Lycra over the next few months ~ The Bliss G becomes a necessity for the homo-erotic exhibitionistic streak in me. Gotta’ have it for wearing under tights for Nordic skiing at Mount Washington this year !!~~!!

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