Waxed and smooth, favorite bikinis

I had a friend last night give you a full Brazilian wax. She was doing her own and I was helping her. I asked if you would clean me up and she said no problem but she had never waxed a guy, lots of her girl friends but no guys. I told her I was not to far away from a girl down there and she laughed and agreed. Though we are just friends we have always changed in front of each other. She did a great job with very little pain and almost no skin loss! Later this week we are going to a friends fetish party, leather, dress up all sorts of stuff and you know I needed to be hairfree because I am going to either go total fem, or wear something like a Diablo. Maybe I will bring both and see which works better with this group.

I was looking over some of our bikini styles and making a list of my favorites when I came across this photo of the Blue Boy Bikini
very high on my favorites list!

Mens swimwear

Male chastity

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  1. hey md.
    why not wear one of your chastity devices to the party.
    sure that would grab a lot of attention.

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