Funny thing happened in a bikini at the gym

My regular workout gym is not thong or g-string friendly but wearing a bikini even a micro one is no problem in the jacuzzi and steam room. They recently made it so you can no longer go nude which I think is lame and most of the old men ignore but not wanting to break the rules I wear a the Ass Market Bikini which I think has excellent flowing lines. I have noticed many more guys wearing bikinis, not Speedos but real bikinis. Things are moving in the right direction. Yesterday I was in the Sauna Room and a nice looking guy came in sat across from me and started chatting. Not flirting but just shooting the shit. Out of no where he said Mike that suit is hot. My first thought was how does this guy know my name. Never being good at remembering names I thought he looked familiar. We talked more and I finally said do I know you from the gym you look so familiar but I can’t remember your name. I’m Cyrus and I have shot for you a few times in the past. He was a model on koalamensclub shoots.  You never know who might pop up at the gym.

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2 thoughts on “Funny thing happened in a bikini at the gym”

  1. excellent story, Michael! The name Cyrus rang a bell, as I am a regular visitor to the videos at koalamensclub – I just went back there to take a look & found him – in a video called Cyrus, The Prince Returns – he enters an industrial building & comes across a box full of very skimpy lycra men’s briefs – he just has to strip off & try them all on – a sexy fantasy!

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