Trying something new and Sale suits

There were no sale suits in January we were just to swamped to get a newsletter out but the
February Newsletter is ready and going out tomorrow. Interesting info and quite a few sale suits. I will make sure to post a link here.  We did a photo shoot last night for KMC which went great. Very hot guys who were into fetish spandex, a nice mix. The HD will be posted on KMC in a couple of weeks. We had to guys together that were very playful.
Update on the new designs: All new suits will be in by Monday and we should be shooting the new designs for our website in the next week to two weeks! They look fantastic***

I am trying the new Secret Temptation today for my pool side break. That is the design that is completely sheer at the penis head but almost impossible to tell the sheer area is not part of the design. A totally arousing feel and look. Wonder how many people might stroll by. Will let you know how it goes next post.

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  1. Hi MD – I’m looking forward to seeing the new designs! Meanwhile, I recommend to all readers the latest modelling video at Koalamensclub – Alex being helped into (& out of) some extreme sexy suits by MD’s naked female helpful dressing assistant! Hair-raising views of balls being worked through tight metal rings…Alex is game for it all

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