Semi Busted for wearing a Micro

Talk about a waste of tax payer money. I spent a couple hours at the beach on Sunday wearing my typical Slut Micro. Funny thing was I saw a guy with a great thong tan line at the gym shower in the morning and decided I wanted that look again but I would need to wait until Monday to pick a new design for this summer. My tan line is so small you can barely make out the strap lines and the tan goes right to the top of the shaft in front. After seeing him I though yes a statement style tan might be more fun to walk around naked in. Back to the beach. I never hear anything negative from anyone when I am laying out wearing micros but Sunday I thought I heard some asshole say to his wife look at that fucking guy. Not sure he was talking about me but not a very nice thing to say when people including kids are around. Just a vulgar person no matter who the comment was aimed at. They left the beach and ten minutes later a police helicopter was circling me. My face was covered and I thought they were looking for someone in the water but after a few minutes I looked up and they hit their siren. I had to think about it for a few seconds because the beach police had pasted by me a number of times like always and like always never said a word. I decided to slip on a bikini I always have with me and they flew away. Not sure if you have any idea how much it cost to fly a multi millon dollar turbine helicopter but I am sure that little ordeal was in the high hundreds. What an amazing waist of tax dollars. People wonder why California is the poster child for the nation when it comes to mismanagement of our budget. Take this stupidity and times it by millions and you have your answer.

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5 thoughts on “Semi Busted for wearing a Micro”

  1. Probably they couldn’t see your micro from the helicopter. The only time I’ve every heard a word from the cops is when I was on my stomach and they couldn’t see the detached strings by my legs. They pass me all the time with half my shaft showing and don’t say anything.
    I don’t mind paying a pilot to check the water for swimmers in trouble, but to act as fashion police -naked tanners or not- is an outrage.
    Next time, just pull your micro up a little so they can see it.

    Good Idea!!

  2. What are the best beaches to go to? Where I can wear most of the Koalaswim suits without really any kind of problems? From the lifeguards or passer bys.

    what state?

  3. Sorry you had to go through that. But also I feel sorry for the guy and his wife – imagine what life must be like for them. As for the police – hard to fathom wasting a helicopter on something like that. Wonder if they ever went back to the complainer with some feedback.

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