Would you try extreme for mens swimwear or male chastity this wild?

We not only push the limits of mens swimwear we stretch them. I am working on a suit as you read this that will include an metal anal stretcher. This part of the swimsuit would be machined to work with the suit. There is a company near ours that actually makes anal stretchers in many sizes and I think we will be offering them on are site. They are amazing , they stretch open the hole and are inserted like a small dildo but are open in the center so you can see inside. We are trying to make one that will work with spandex straps and be the focal point and pleasure point of a very wild design. Would you try something that wild. Speaking of wild there are many things I have not tried but some of you might have.  Let me know if you have ever tried these Urethral Sound things that go inside and up your shaft. How does that feel? Does it hurt? We are thinking about offering male chastity cages that have these built in. Very extreme indeed!

Mens swimwear

9 thoughts on “Would you try extreme for mens swimwear or male chastity this wild?”

  1. you bet i would , just offer t with a small shaft/ball cover, and be sure the inserted end is a little bulbous or it will try and work its way out

  2. I LOVE anal plugs..I like to feel them in my ass as I walk around all day.I would love to find one that has a hole thru the center incorporated in a thong style suit.GREAT idea.
    Even better would be a removal center plug in the larger anal plug and it might screw into the center hole so it would not pop out.

  3. I would try a fetish suit like that in a heartbeat. My only concern is, if the anal plug has an opening in it, what’s to prevent the wearer from defecating? I have worn a Prince’s Wand, which is similar to a sound. It is a metal rod that fits in the urethra and stays in place with a PA piercing. Kind of hot, and yes, I’d wear a chastity device that includes a sound.

  4. hey michael david
    love the idea for the new suit i love anything that will stimulate my hole love the fact that you concetrate on one of a mans greatest parts . i personally love to show my cock and hole off . as for the sounding rods they are totally awesome and bring great pleasure .i myself love to be sounded while i am being fisted up my hole the deeper the penetration the better. i am glad to see you are beginning to explore the fetish world .i hope in the near future i hope you begin to carry a larger line of fetish toys along with your chastity belts maybe a industrial pair of nipple clamps love my nipples played with especially now that they have 0 gauge piercings through them. kep up the awesome designs

  5. Urethal Sounds, Penis Plugs, etc, all very erotic. Yes, I have tried them. A totally different feel than anything else. What is very important is keeping things very clean, much more than anal plugs, etc. I am sure you are aware of Meo.de. If not, take a look, fantastic stuff. As to keeping the anal area open, sounds great, but always the issue of passing something you really don’t want to pass. You usually need something that can be plugged as necessary, rather than always open. Maybe just a cap, or a insert to close up things at times, but open most other times. All for anything along that line. I tried your rubber combo cock ring/butt plug, but the strap was way too long between the 2 pieces. Really like the metal hook designs, but incorporate that into a cock ring, rather than a plug. Got to get the angle right, of course. I think that would be really wild. Very open minded to just about anything you come up with…too bad you don’t have a group that tries things out first, I would be first in line!! I have lots of ideas…will have to work on a list for you.


  7. I have tried and enjoyed urethral sounding, plenty of lube and slowly goes it, keep things clean, will hurt when you releive yourself after, but when getting more practice don’t, but masturbating with it in blows your mind. I love the idea wat you are going to do with the chastity with a plug attached, also the anal stretcher at the same time, will a stopper also be available with the anal stretcher?

    Not sure yet but will check

    Mens swimwear

  8. They feel great wearing a penis plugg right now stays on with head ring. chastity with plugg would be great maybe a flexable one

  9. I love the idea of this.
    Maybe a front feminized style cock ring and completely covered.

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