New styles going crazy and we still have some sale suits!


The new designs are online and the butt plug suits and shorts are going crazy. We had one of our busiest weekends ever! We will be working late tonight making sure everything goes out. I also wanted to let you know that I kept the sale suits from the August newsletter available at the sale prices. I had a number of customers say they wanted to wait for the new designs and order some of the sale suits at the same time.  I will keep that available for the next week or so. Here is a link to the sale designs to refresh your memory.  August Newsletter


See all the new designs here!

Men’s swimwear

2 thoughts on “New styles going crazy and we still have some sale suits!”

  1. It would be of great interest to many of us to learn the beaches, hotels etc where you and others have worn your suits without issue. Aside from nude beaches & Venice Beach, it would be great to know other Southern California beaches, hotels, Vegas Casinos, etc. where these suits are accepted. Thanks!

    1. I personally have never had any issues wearing micro swimsuits to any beaches in Socal. Same with Vegas it does not matter what hotel I am at I wear thongs and bikinis when ever I want I have been doing it for years and I have never had anyone working there ask me to put on more. Hell the girls ware almost nothing and many places now allow topless sun bathing. When I am in Vegas the only thing I get asked around the pool from the staff is do I want a drink or some sun tan lotion?


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