We should have the new products online this week! A funny photo shoot moment


Carlos is busy working away on updating the site with all the new products. I wanted to mention another funny thing that happened at the photo shoot. I do much of the photography but I had another photographer there helping out.  Laura has a great eye and after working with us the last few times nothing she sees shocks her though at first she could hardly believe her eyes. That was not the case with the young girl helping us out. She was just twenty and though she checked out our site online to familiarize herself with the products she was more than a little shocked to see them in real life. She was surprised by how small the suits were and blown away by the cock shaped swimsuits, the Ass Spark anal plugs and how complicated many of the designs were though she was very interested and was asking a lot of questions about them. This collage girl was taking it all in like a big erotic learning session. Her jaw dropped when she saw me in the new One of the Girls bikini. Mouth wide open she said you have a vagina. That’s the point I said. It looks so real she said. She was truly blown away by the big clit and wanted to see what it felt like. Go ahead I said and her said it felt real. From that point it was one question after another. I had no idea there was anything like this she said and asked what type of men are into it. Again she was surprised to hear about how many straight guys wear them and how often women order them for their men. She actually seemed enlightened and was eager to be part of our next shoot in a few weeks featuring new cock cages, anal plugs and more.


Men’s swimwear

2 thoughts on “We should have the new products online this week! A funny photo shoot moment”

  1. Hello Michael,

    Nice shoot indeed. We can easily recognize who modeled by the tan and skin complexion (and hairs of course).
    From what I saw, this collection looks quite fantastic. A shame it comes out after summer is over, even though we did not get a real summer this year in Europe!
    I am looking forward to getting the Rebel Rebel Shorts. One suggestion for the next collection: can you lower the waist band down to the tip of the pouch’s side triangles? Then it could “really” be call micro shorts.

  2. A sexy open mind babe, some spandex, plug and other delicious sex toys… pure paradise. It would be awsome to see her wear some tight spandex for that shoot : a classic black wetlook legging with a small white t-shirt and some high heels would be so sexy and perfect for the occassion.. Oh, wonderful suits btw, can’t wait to try somes 😉

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