Questions about colors and latest new design info


I had a customer contact us the other day saying he wants male transformation swimwear and fetish wear designs like One of the Girls, Party Girl and other vagina style designs to be available in pink and baby blue because the colors are more feminine. I would like to know what you boys and girls think of offering fem styles in those colors.

Speaking of male to female transformation I was trying on one of the latest version of our soon to be offered vagina style men’s micro shorts. These are hot little shorts that will come in standard short short size and a very low cut version. Both micro-short designs will show some cheek and both completely change your penis shape to that of a small tasty vagina with the lip shape showing through the fabric. It looked and felt wonderful on. They are extremely feminine. One of the girls who we were working with at the fitting this morning laughed and said you look like a nasty girl. I asked what she meant by that and three of the girls said something in Spanish to each other and they all laughed. She said you look like those girls who don’t wear panties with their shorts and you can see the shape of their vaginas. I chuckled and said that was exactly the point!

2 thoughts on “Questions about colors and latest new design info”

  1. Would like to see those made in pink an blue also. Would love to have a slinky girl thong in pink as well. Getting wet just thinking about it.

  2. Id like to see a pair of “hermaphordite tranfermation” shorts. A shaft sleeve with the balls transformed into a vulva. Tight up the ass showing plenty of cheek. Maybe even open in the back for a lil anal fun.

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