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I see lots of girls wearing extremely sexy workout tights with sheer panels. I’m not sure if it is a fad or a trend but I do like they way they look. I would like your opinion on how high the panels should go. Most of the ones the ladies are wearing do not seem to go anywhere near the crotch or even the panty-line with the sheer panels. My thought was having the panel go up the side almost to the top of the waist band to show you are wearing nothing larger than a thong but most likely nothing at all underneath. Your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Question about sport tights”

  1. Mesh or sheer panels should go all the way up to show the lack of underwear and can be dangerously close in the front or back, but need to allow moving and stretching without being too revealing. The Lululemon mesh with me crop is too conservative. The n2n sheer skin biker is too revealing for most public gyms. Something in between, please.

  2. Sheer panels are all the rage!
    I hope you’ll offer the choice of full length and 3/4 leggings , with a sheer panels right down each leg.
    The other choice could include sheer panels that cross upwards on an angle up and over the thigh and calf.

  3. Lets assume not all tights will be worn in public…so how about a complete sheer pair. Also awaiting a sheer pair of shorts as well thankyou.
    OR…reverse. make the bulge and arse section sheer with tthe rest 4 way stretch spandex!!
    There would be a real risque feel to that.
    Whatever….I still reckon you will be gob smacked at how well these will sell.

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