The new collection is now online, Hallelujah!!!!

Hi Lovers

I wanted to let you know all the new swimsuits, fetish wear, transformation suits, new Compression sport tights and even a cool new toy in the male chastity section has all been added to

This might just be our hottest new collection ever! Sorry it took so long but I think you will agree it was worth the wait.


If you don’t see the new suits: Please refresh your browser.


Michael David


One thought on “The new collection is now online, Hallelujah!!!!”

  1. Hello, My name is Jeffrey in Austin,TX. I would love to see you guys at koala do a “Tarzan” style swim wear. You could make it with so many combinations that it could become such an interchangeable sex piece that you could wear it all day and people would think that you went home to change for the days activities. Please give it some thought, If you decide to do one let me know and I’ll buy it.

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