This note goes along with last post of MS photos

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to say that I love Koala suits and how daring/innovative they are, can’t wait for the next batch of new designs to be released. Being of Asian descent, they work well for me since I’m not as blessed as other folks in the endowment department. Attaching some pics of myself in your suits, my favs are the slut G-string and Secret Wish, which I’m a huge fan of as I like minimal coverage. I’m a married, straight (I think!) male but I’m totally into gear. Hope to convince more straight guys to get into it cause it’s a great hobby!
Would appreciate your thoughts on the following: from an aesthetic standpoint, shouldn’t minimalist gear flow or meld with the body and have as few straps, buckles as possible to minimize dangling ends/flapping around? I’m asking because the older generation of Koala suits were just that but the newer versions are quite complicated. There are many of the newer suits with great designs but once I notice there are straps (especially in crotch/taint and waist strap areas), I’m hesitant to purchase them for comfort and technical reasons. I totally understand that this gives consumer the leeway to customize suit tension but guess I’m old school and want to put on suit and not have to adjust it since I don’t know how to.
Apologies if I sound like I’m ranting. I love the Koala brand and am a little frustrated that I haven’t been able to buy suits in a while! Gender bender, Gender Bias, Gender Flex, One of the Girls, Third Sex, Blazing Blade are all designs I like (sans straps).
Anyway, if my pics are of acceptable standard, let me know and I’ll send more.

2 thoughts on “This note goes along with last post of MS photos”

  1. Hi MS,
    Your pics are more than acceptable. Nice!
    I agree about the straps. Especially the fem suits should be sleek;-)
    But even so, I love the Koala style.
    You should try the new feminization leggings. They’re fantastic, and you can wear them anywhere. You’ll get a lot of second glances, but because of their subdued look people respond positively, especially the girls. They really seem to like seeing guys show a bit of their feminine side.
    It’s just subtle enough to elicit a smile, but not “in your face” enough to turn them off.
    My girlfriend loves it when I wear these tights and she’s really proud of all the attention I’m getting in them.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jack! Sleek is good.

      Will check out the leggings… Unfortunately my wife isn’t as open minded as ur gf so I won’t be able to wear any of this gear out

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