Hot Lifeguard and my micro swimsuit


I try to sit near a lifeguard station when I am swimming alone, it makes good sense. On Sunday my lifeguard station was manned by a beautiful young girl. Face and body were just amazing and best of all her bikini bottoms were so small at least 50% of her lovely ass was showing. On the other hand 100% of my not nearly as lovely ass was exposed. Being a summer Sunday I expected the beach to be super busy but it really was not very crowded. It was mostly a female crowd and I think I might have been the only micro suit that day at least in my little area. I was standing by the surf getting ready to go in when she walked over and said the currents and rips were still on the strong side. I thanked her but said I can deal with those then asked her about the Sting Rays. Do I need to do the shuffle I asked? For those of you not familiar with the shuffle we move forward pushing our toes under the sand in hopes of scaring off a Sting Ray if it is there rather than stepping on it and getting stung it will swim off.  She told me the water was warm and there had been more Ray stings so the shuffle was a great idea. We talked about the surf and how busy the beach was on some weekends just small talk but standing there almost nude was a turn on itself. No doubt she has seen lots of guys wearing bikinis, thongs and G-strings at Venice beach  some maybe as tiny as mine, after all years ago Venice was a legal nude beach and of all the beaches in LA Venice seems to draw the most extreme swimwear designs male and female. While we were talking she kind of gave me the once over look almost like I was a girl. No boyfriend today was her next comment. Maybe she thought she had seen me before with a friend but I thought to myself I would have noticed her in a second. It must just be that old default of assuming guys wearing these tiny swimsuits must be gay. Just going with the flow I said I left him at home.  I went into the surf and she stood there watching for a while making sure I was safe that or waiting to see if my little swimsuit cam off. I can’t wait to see her again. My boyfriend might be Jealous,



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