How big is male transformation?



The male transformation designs including swimwear, shorts and tights are now without question the largest part of our line as far as sales are concerned. We were doing an analysis of our best selling products and male transformation was far and away the winner. I never knew how large the market for these styles could be. Our customers are a diverse bunch. We have many transsexuals, cross dressers and sissies buying these styles but we have a huge number of men gay, straight and bi who are just interested and aroused with the idea of transformation. I can totally understand that. I love wearing micro swimsuits that show off my bulge displaying the head proudly along with the complete penis outline when the mood is right. I love wearing bulge pouch tights to work out in. It is no doubt the exhibitionist part of my personality that thrives on it but I like many of you have a feminine side that needs nurturing too. No one ever asked me to offer male to female transformation designs that came from my thoughts and desires which compelled me to go in that direction, as long as I can remember the look of a vagina as turned me on even when that vagina is my own.


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  1. Hello,

    I was very interested in some of your designs. However they are all to small for me. I am a big man. Not fat.. just big. I’m 6ft 4in tall and weigh in at 229. I have a cute ass, anyway I think it is, and enjoy showing it off.

    I was interested in some of your shorts and tights for yoga but they are all size small. and you size chart says that small is 28 to 31 inch waist. I have a 36 inch waist which would be large. Do any of your suits or tights come in large?

    1. Yes they all are available in Small, Medium and Large. If you were looking at the site a couple days ago we had a glitch and the only size showing was small!

      Michael David

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