Wow some new sizes just came in



We have discontinued many different designs some of which are on sale right now. We have very limited supplies of these swimsuits and on many of them we are out of stock in particular sizes. Yesterday the girls actually sent me new stock on a number of those designs. We have some large customers in Europe that order discontinued swimwear that is still part of their line so as long as they order a minimum of five of the same suit and size we can make them. My girls ended up making more so back in stock they go. You might want to check your favorite suit that might have been out of stock last time you checked and you might just want to take one more peek at the June Koala Newsletter to see the sale suits and the sizes available. After this newsletter there are no other sales until August!


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3 thoughts on “Wow some new sizes just came in”

  1. Are there any plans for a mini anal hook. Just enough to hook in and go up the back just a few inches? Just long enough to hook the tail end of a thong on to. Not nearly as long as the hook that goes all the way to the waist. A ball inside of course for comfort. Smaller would more comfortable for every day use.


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