That looks like a girl wearing shorts without panties.

First amazingly enough we are still working on the new designs. There are thirteen new styles coming and my hope is they will be ready in August. Late for summer but the fact is most people use them year around and many use them as panties in addition it’s always summer somewhere. Speaking of panties one of our new girls working on some of the upcoming styles had a question about a pair for femme style shorts. This new design was made specifically for the gym with a longer leg but can also do double duty as a swimsuit. To make a long story short she wanted to see how the design worked. Being the shy guy I am I quickly stripped off my clothing and slipped on the new shorts. The transformation effect of this design is phenomenal. There is no visual cue that the wearer, me had a penis, just a very cute little vagina. I explained that the shorts are designed to make a male look female and specifically like the ones that the girls wear at my gym. She laughed and said they look like the ones the girls wear when they are not wearing any panties, obviously that had to do with my very pronounced camel toe. I can’t think of a better compliment even though she stated it has something she thought was funny.


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4 thoughts on “That looks like a girl wearing shorts without panties.”

  1. I think the Ring bearer thong is without a doubt the sexiest suit you’ve ever designed. The rubberized spandex feels like it’s tightly glued to your package. It would be great to wear this to the beach, with your Koala scrunch rear end molded firmly to the cheeks.

  2. I like the camel toe effect and your MTF transformation panties are much more comfortable than the typical gaff, but I’d be even happier with something a lot more subtle. Do any of your new designs minimize the cameltoe?

    1. Some are less extreme then the others but it also depends on how hard you pull the suit back. The more pressure the smaller the vagina lips

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