Bulge blocking my tan, what to do?

I was getting in plenty of beach time this weekend when I noticed little wings on the inside of my legs near my cock. To be even more specific this is the area near the top of the legs that is blocked, pouch blocked from getting sun when you are on your back many would call this area part of the groin. I always forget to roll one leg open or go spread eagle like I see some of the girls doing while tanning. Since I am not consistent at rolling at least one leg open to expose this area I almost always have some light areas there, far lighter than the rest of me. As most of you know my cock is rather small and my bulge is just a couple inches higher than a vagina pouch and yet there is still plenty of white space. I was wondering what techniques you boys use to make sure the groin area is fully tan and how much of an issue this is for men with normal to large sized cocks?




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2 thoughts on “Bulge blocking my tan, what to do?”

  1. I have worn really tight, micro Koala fem suits for years, and that makes the white area smaller, but it does not eliminate it completely. Putting yourself in odd or uncomfortable positions to tan there seems a bit extreme. I go to beach to get tan, but that’s only part of it. The rest is to relax, enjoying being virtually naked in public and to have fun.

    At any rate, even you were to search for tanning positions, you can’t hold that pose all day. Some parts simply get more sun than others. If really is an issue when you are naked, which is the only time it really matters, you might try a little bronzing cream.

  2. This happens even when you wear one of your M2F transformation suits? As some of your KMC audition videos show, even men with normal-to-large cocks are able to wear these suits comfortably.

    If the balls are still part of the problem, maybe a M2F suit that also tucks them up.

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