Questions about Neoprene Fashions

Questions about Neoprene Fashions


The new Koala neoprene bikini and thong have been going great in fact so much so that we are going to be adding more neoprene styles and I wanted to ask you boys some questions. As many of you already know the two styles we offer now, the Wet Slut and the Skin Diver are both transformation style suits that give you a complete feminine look. I would like to know if you would like more male to female transformation designs or you would like to see bulge style neoprene thongs and bikinis. If it seems like the demand is there we will most likely do both types.


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5 thoughts on “Questions about Neoprene Fashions”

  1. I’d rather see more bulge style neoprene suits. I love suits that show off the form of my penis.

  2. I will give you a girl’s view. I love the suits that accentuate the boy parts! How about some pouchless clock ring style suits the really pamper and accentuate a guys shaft and coin purse? Maybe a G string suit with a pouch that only covers the boy parts, something with elastic or a drawstring. Make some things in larger sizes. My guy is only 5″ hard, but has a fat shaft and plums.

  3. Well, I’m all for the feminising look! I’ve got the skin diver and about to place an order the for wet slut to go with it. I’m planning on wearing them underneath a swimsuit, so design isn’t overly important to me.

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