Up for air.

Have you ever been caught up in a large wave and held under water for what feels like forever? That happens to me all the time when I am bodysurfing but it happens at work too. At work that is a good thing. We have had a tidal wave of orders over the last couple months. I’m not complaining but I do feel like writing this post is like poking my head out of the water to grab a big breath of air after being held under for a bit. I hope now to start posting more often. Now let’s talk about swimwear and other fun things. Like most summers I have spent a lot of time at the beach and have kept to my pledge of not wearing anything larger than a micro bikini. I have been much bolder these days freely walking around and hitting the surf wearing my micros no matter how many people are there. I believe that all my ass work, the 300 squats per day have made my ass larger and much more muscular but also in many ways it looks more feminine at least that is what a number of my girl friends have said. Judging by how many men are walking right by me to take a close up look, most thinking I’m a girl the results have been great. I have been wearing mostly micro bulge suits but soon I will add in some of the total femme styles like Clever Girl and Spicy Girl two of my favorite pussy look suits. Just like many Koala customers I too am into the exhibitionist side of spandex it almost forces you into it.

We had a slight screw up with e-mailing of the June Koala Newsletter so it has been extended through July. Feel free to take a look. Koala July Newsletter


I hope you are enjoying the summer as well.


One thought on “Up for air.”

  1. Michael, this is unrelated, but I would LOVE to see a new suit in your catalog. The Money Shot, with a simple g string rear in a royal blue, maybe a baby blue. The thought of my “boy toy” wearing that to display his hairless, pierced penis and lucious, pierced scrotum just makes me wet!!

    I just love the pouchless display suits!
    Kisses, Muzzy!

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