A sassy Saturday.


This last weekend in Southern California had what I consider the most perfect beach weather. It was mild in the seventies with a beautiful breeze. As many of you know when college and Pro football start up there tends to be way fewer people on the beach no matter how beautiful it is outside and the vast majority are women. They say women are smarted and it is hard not to agree. I was lucky enough to get down to the beach on Saturday and found a nice spot away from everyone. I found the perfect spot for tanning virtually nude without anyone close by but the hand full of guys that always seem to jog by me ever so close. I wonder how many expect to get a close up look at a topless girl, there have been many more at our beach this summer. Hopefully I am not disappointing them too much, like I always said I am pretty close to a girlJ

I dozed off right away and did not come back to reality until I heard a lot of noise nearby. Turns out three middle aged ladies that all seemed to have a few too many drinks decided that being close to me would give them a nice view. I know the girls hate when guys do that but the fact is I already had my nap and it was fun listening to them talk about me. It was all the usual stuff when sassy girls get together. “looks like he has a tiny penis” true enough, “he looks like a girl more than I guy” a look I always strive for. I rolled over and spread my legs a bit so they had an even better look, I could feel myself getting a little harder and a lot wetter. “Nice ass” thanks and “wow he’s dark” true enough. As the girls walked by me I glanced up to see them staring right between my legs into my semi open ass. The perfect day would have been if one asked to spank me while the others watched or maybe even fingered me. Oh well we can’t have it all but it was fun be ogled at.

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