I’m Back For Good!

I’m Back!!!

I never really left but I have been so busy adding new crazy products and yes even working on the new suits but more on that later.

I just finished reading an excellent new book called “Atomic Habits” and every now and then I get so jazzed about a read that I share it on the Newsletter but this time I just could not wait. Atomic Habits is about getting and keeping good habits and getting rid of the bad ones. I have already used it to shed some weight but more than that I like the way the writer approaches people and their habits. I would highly recommend the book.

One of the habits that was a good one but I stopped doing was posting to this blog. When I would get overwhelmed with work it was easy to not do the posts and then over time it gets easier not to do as much writing. That stops today. My contract with whoever is checking out this blog is I will add three new posts each and every week.

The question I get asked many times each week are when are the new suits coming out. First let me tell you why they are not out yet because there are a few reasons. 1. We have most of the new suits in stock and are waiting for two more. Once they are in stock we will do the shoot. In the future we will be doing smaller groups of suits so they can be released throughout the year. 2.We are selling so many of the designs I call our “standards” suits like Lady Girl, Clever Girl and the like that we never seem to get caught up and are almost always behind a week or so. 3. We will not make our spandex suits overseas. We have never been able to duplicate the quality of our USA (Los Angeles) made swimwear overseas, the quality is not up to our standards or that of many of our customers and truth be told I would stop offering them before I imported our designs that were not up to my quality standards after all I am first and foremost a spandex lover, wearing and enthusiast. OK I know this post is a little long winded but keep in mind some of the future posts might be just a few lines. That said three a week from now on!

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