In the middle: being a man or a woman.

In the middle: being a man or a woman.

I know by reading up on it that many more people feel they are not truly one or the other. From what I see every day with the styles we sell my best guess is there are many more people that are not quite male and not quite female as far as their gender ID. Many more than most people would know. I receive so many e-mails talking about people’s experiences and more specifically the joy they get from wearing our male to female transformation designs. I always knew I would love wearing them and I am so happy to find that many of our customers have the same feelings.

Male to female transformation by Koala

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  1. This is certainly the reason I first ordered from you and I am delighted that I did. I’ve since branched out into other designs somewhat, but it’s the main draw for me. Shipping them over Europe means they’re not cheap, but they are worth every penny.

  2. I tend to prefer the masculine look, but don’t mind some of the design elements that – apart from Koala – only appear on female suits. Usually things like a Brazilian rear and skinny sides.

    Last week, following the post about the smallest suit on display at the beach, I decided to up the ante and go for a lunchtime swim in a tiny Koala thong. I think it is called the Undeniable (not sure now, since it is discontinued). It is orange, like the 2Hot Thong, and has a thong back but also a tiny pouch and 1/8″ straps with tie sides. The ties are too stretchy to be made tight, so its mainly the fit of the suit that holds it in place, front and rear. Getting excited while wearing it would be quite risky. It’s certainly minimalist and while the overall style is feminine, the tiny pouch is obviously not.

    It was overcast and just on 80F, so the beach was quiet, with only a few walkers out, and some others sitting in their bathing box, although the stretch of beach also features many houses with large windows to take in the views.

    I did my usual thing of a swim followed by a short walk to dry off, although I didn’t wander quite as far as I usually do and tied to pick a gap between the walkers. I did pass one pedestrian, an older guy dressed in normal clothes, and the open bathing box before returning to my car with my shirt on. The freedom of swimming in the thong was quite nice, although the awareness of being seen in it on a beach where boardies are the norm for guys left me a little self-conscious!

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