Checking in on a crazy world

Not that in the scheme of things this is all that important but even with this crazy virus going around we are still working at full speed and surprisingly enough it has stayed very busy. BTW I’m not taking this lightly since we do have a fairly big problem here in California. I have stopped going to the gym something I have not done in over 30 years and I am doing my weight lifting at the office, we have a bench and Bowflex dumbbells and I am spending a ridiculous amount of time on the treadmill, I’m writing this as I walk. We were all ready to do our photo shoot this coming week but I think it makes sense to put it off for another week or so to figure out what is really going on out there and see how serious of an issue it becomes. Because of the way our company is set up I do not see any change in the way we do business, we are still shipping orders M-F and sometimes Sunday too and because we are small and agile I believe we will be able to power through whatever happens though I hope like all of you that this whole thing doesn’t blow up into something awful.